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Real Euro Puppy Story

July 28, 2010

Let us share a letter with you that we received from a kind family some time ago:   “Dear Zoltan, We hope you enjoy our special story about two Euro-Puppy bernese mountain dogs: That’s right! When you view the photos, you are NOT seeing double…Stanley’s REAL brother has joined our family. Now there are over [...]

Boxer or not?

July 14, 2010

We have received a letter from Clark, a Boxer owner, and thought we should share his story with our readers so that you can learn from it.  Here goes Clark’s email:   “Hello, I recently bought a Boxer from a local breeder and was wondering if he is a pure-bred boxer. His muzzle is definitely incorrect as [...]

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Big Dog

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Now you tell me who is the big dog! Mario & Maria visited the Euro Puppy Team and some of our breeders in August, 2007. This is when Mario met the largest and most beautiful Neo in his life ever. … but let’s have Mario and Maria tell the story and how they ended up [...]

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Lost dog found after 5 months

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

How long would you keep hoping that you would ever see your dog again after losing it? Denise Shepard did her best to find her lost dog. She posted flyers and offered rewards, but after the third month, she was almost certain that she would never see her beloved Boston Bull Terrier again. “After like [...]

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