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Dog Show in Hungary, Dunaújváros

October 25, 2010

Almost a thousand beautiful dogs and their proud owners got together just a few days ago in Hungary to compete for fame and glory. Among the many breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier  was represented by 42 dogs, but some rare breeds, such as the Bukovina Sheepdog or the Cimarron Uruguayo were also present. 

We met many of the breeders we work with in the show. It was good to catch up with them and see their beautiful dogs do well in the competition. Here are a few photos we took. 


Transylvanian Hounds competing. 

dog show

Some well mannered Tosa Inus.

dog show prizes

Many prizes awaited the winners.

dog show

An admirable representative of the traditional Hungarian Komondor breed.

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Atten-hut! Cold, Hard Facts about Sending your Pup to Doggie Boot Camp

October 19, 2010

superdog“Drop and give
me twenty, dog!”
is an image that many people conjure up about
the type of training that goes on at doggie boot camps. The rigors
and possible degrading that they think their little puppy would have
to endure keeps many owners far away from otherwise enrolling and
correcting the behavior of their wild and unruly pooch. Training your
new dog can be one of the hardest tasks an owner must face. A dog
training camp
offers one of the most direct solutions
to such a problem. Don’t let the thought of sending a beloved pet off
to a camp and subject entirely to the whim of a strange trainer deter
you. A proper understanding of the benefits of a dog training camp,
and its inner workings, can make the decision and subsequently the
process much easier for both man and pooch.

When deciding whether or not to send
Fido to a dog training camp, there are two major factors to be
considered, your own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your dog. In the
case of your dog, it is important to understand that sending him/her
to a training camp may not only be for your own convenience, but to
ensure the safety and happiness of your dog as well. An untrained dog
is an unpredictable dog, and without a proper concept of boundaries,
a dog that has not been to training camp can put itself in danger in
many ways, from running away into traffic to biting neighbors and
being subject to legal punishment. Sending your pup to a training
camp allows you to keep him or her under control, and prevent any
rash actions which might inadvertently lead to harm. A camp is also a
protective measure when it comes to the training itself: there are a
plethora of training methods available to dog owners in this day and
age, both in books and on the Internet, and not all are guaranteed to
have a positive effect on your dog. Indeed, some of the more extreme
practices may cause him or her bodily harm. The staff at a dog
training camp, on the other hand, are schooled in the best and safest
methods of training, and are highly unlikely to cause your pooch any
emotional or physical trauma. The difference, as they say, is that
between a professional and an amateur.

While your dog’s safety and
happiness may indeed be your primary concern, the benefits posed to
the owner by a camp-trained pup are considerable as well. Aside from
saving you a tremendous amount of grief and man-hours, dog training
at a school provides you with a calm and professionally conditioned
pup, who is less likely to cause damage to your property or that of
others, or to make you the target of any legal actions. The ability
to communicate on a basic level with your dog, and to give him/her
commands, will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog,
making the relationship between you two more comfortable and

While these may represent some very
compelling arguments in favor of sending pooches to a training camp,
such a decision should certainly not be made lightly. Camp represents
both a time commitment for the dog and a financial commitment by the
owner, and one should be sure that both individuals are mature enough
for the task. If both are ready, however, a trip to a dog training
camp can make life quite a bit easy, for both man and hound.

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My First Best Friend

October 12, 2010

My First best FriendEveryone who had a dog in their childhood appreciates the positive effect dogs can have on children. A dog can be a child’s best friend, one who is always up for some fun even if human friends are tired and one who is always there to provide love and affection, when humans are busy with their own business. Not to mention the responsibility children learn by taking care of a dog on a regular basis. This can help the development of their personality and insure their balanced emotional life for adulthood.   

But how can you tell if your children are ready for a dog? Is this something to do with age? As My First Best Friend reveals, age has little to do with it, however, there are a number of vital  questions you need to ask and answer honestly, to tell if your children are ready for a dog. 

Once you have considered every eventuality carefully and are ready to buy that special puppy, you are suddenly faced with many new questions and decisions to make. My First Best Friend will guide you through the process of selecting the breed and buying your puppy, preparing your home for its arrival and making sure that your children are safe. 

To ensure your children’s first puppy is a success, buy My First Best Friend for only $19.97 in a downloadable and printable ebook format or receive the contents of the ebook FREE in a five part newsletter series in five consecutive weeks.

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Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy

October 1, 2010

Buying a puppy can be a challenge, especially if you are a first time owner.

There are just too many factors to consider and the volume of information on the internet is overwhelming. You may spend days researching a certain issue and after reading countless articles you might find yourself more confused than you were in the first place. 



We have heard from a lot of people with similar experiences so we decided to make a really brief and simple guide that points out all the most vital questions you have to ask yourself before buying puppy. 

The gender, breed and temperament of a dog must be chosen carefully to match your lifestyle and unique needs. Finding a responsible breeder is a major issue as well. Once all that is done, there are still a couple of very important things to do before you take the puppy home. 

These and other similarly important issues are addressed in “Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy” . We figured that this essential information can help thousands of people making better decisions every day, resulting a happier dog and owner relationship, so we made the ebook freely available to download. Also, feel free to share it with any of your friends looking to buy a puppy.  

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