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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Euro Puppy

December 21, 2010

dog with santa

Rodney having fun with Santa – thank you Stephanie!

2010 has
been an eventful and exciting year for Euro Puppy. We listened to your feedback
and worked very hard to transform our website into a cheerful and easy-to-use
online environment. We lived up to the challenges of the new media and created
our Facebook page and started using Twitter giving you more direct ways for
interaction. We created a newsletter service and published several ebooks

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Why reputable breeders sell their puppies with Euro Puppy

December 2, 2010

This is a question that comes up again and again on different Q/A websites
and forums on the internet. In this post, we’ll try to shed some light on the real answer, instead of letting people guess and come to all the wrong conclusions.

The first misbelief is that a reputable breeder needs no help selling his or her puppies. What’s more, a reputable breeder has people lined up, eagerly waiting for the next litter to arrive so that they can get their hands on one of the puppies. More often than not, this is simply not the case.


doberman breeder

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