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The year-round celebration continues

February 28, 2011

We marked the start of celebrating our 10th birthday throughout the year with an awesome 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee in February. It’s been a great success and as many of you asked to keep this guarantee for the future, we’ll do just that. From now on, all of our puppies come with a 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee and it doesn’t cost you a dime, it’s all included in the price!

Can it get any better? Yes! We’ve come up with a mind blowing idea for March.
Throughout the month, every single weekday, one of our puppies can be yours at $500 off of the normal price! That’s right, every day, $500 off!

It will be a different puppy of a different breed every day, so check back every morning to see if the Puppy Of The Day is the one you’ve been looking for. If it is, reserve or shoot us an inquiry immediately! 

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Frenchie puppy to save a baby's life

February 14, 2011

How could a tiny French Bulldog Puppy save a baby’s life? Certainly not by preventing an accident, or protecting the house from intruders. 


But Zalánka, an 18 month old baby living in Debrecen, Hungary, does not need that kind of protection. What he needs is a bone marrow transplantation and his mum to be able to look after him and his 3 brothers and sister. 

Zalánka was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma (bone cancer) in 2010 August. He has been through several Chemotherapy treatments. His mum is doing an amazing job raising five kids on her own and taking Zalánka to the hospital for treatments. However, looking after the family prevents her from working and after the bone marrow transplantation she will have to be with Zalánka in a sterile room for two months 24/7. As a result, the family cannot make ends meet without external financial support, not to mention the expenses of cancer treatment.

Generous people and local charitable events have already helped a great deal, but more is needed. 

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Surprising results in Euro Puppy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

February 7, 2011

We have recently launched a survey to get a clear picture of how satisfied our customers are with the service we provide and with our puppies.

The survey was sent out to 130 of our most recent customers. We expected a higher response rate than the industry average, because in the process of finding their dream puppies, we develop a close relationship with our customers.

However, we did not expect a response rate, 3 times higher than the industry average. To our utmost surprise, more than 40%, 52 of the 130 customers have filled in the survey so far. Many of them sent us personal letters with photos of their puppies too. Thank you all for your responses – it really means a lot to us!
Thanks to the great feedback our customers provided, we will be able to focus our attention on areas that can be further improved. I would like to share with you just some of the highlights:

While 94% agree, 0% disagree. 

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