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Denver, the guilty dog

March 29, 2011


Now what is that if not a cute Labrador showing signs of guilt, because she ate something she was not supposed to?

This video has become a meme and spread throughout the internet like wildfire. This one copy only has – so far – generated 6 million views and there are several other instances of it adding hundreds of thousands of views. 

The owners of Denver, the guilty dog, didn’t hesitate to make a Facebook page and create a website and start selling t-shirts of Denver to fulfill the many requests they have apparently received. Part of the money goes to charity, as the website says. 

Denver’s performance really is cute and she deserves to be the star of the month just for pulling that adorable grin

On the other hand, according to a 2009 Science Daily article Alexandra Horowitz, Assistant Professor from Barnard College in New York, uncovered the origins of the “guilty look” in dogs.

During the study, owners were asked to leave the room after ordering their dogs not to eat a tasty treat. While the owner was away, Horowitz gave some of the dogs this forbidden treat before asking the owners back into the room. Some of the owners were told that their dog had eaten the forbidden treat, others were told their dog had behaved properly and left the treat alone. However, what the owners were told, wasn’t always true. 

Whether the dogs’ behavior included elements of the “guilty look” had little to do with whether the dogs had actually eaten the forbidden treat or not. Dogs looked most “guilty” if they were told off by their owners for eating the treat (even if they hadn’t). In fact, dogs that had been obedient and had not eaten the treat, but were scolded by their (misinformed) owners, looked more “guilty” than those that had, in fact, eaten the treat. Thus the dog’s guilty look is a response to the owner’s behavior, and not necessarily indicative of any appreciation of its own misdeeds. 

In other words, if a dog gets told off he will look guilty regardless of whether ha has done anything wrong.

Whether this is what happened in Denver’s case or she really did recognize the empty bag of treats and that’s why she looked guilty is not for us decide, I’d love to hear your opinion on this story and the study conducted by Alexandra Horowitz! 

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New payment page!

March 24, 2011

payment page

You made a suggestion, we listened and implemented! As a result a new payment page makes it much easier to reserve or fully purchase a puppy.

We have always believed that our website will serve our customers best if they tell us how it should work. That’s why, on the basis of the feedback we received from the latest customer satisfaction survey, we simplified the payment process. Sometimes we get tons of inquiries for a puppy even after it is reserved. With the new payment page you can reserve a puppy 24/7 and make sure no one else takes it.

The new process allows you to select an export pedigree if you want and it will also calculate the shipping cost of your puppy, giving you the total amount due. You can choose to pay a deposit or pay in full with PayPal or bank wire, which are the two most secure online payment methods. It usually takes a couple of days for the wire transfer to come through, whereas PayPal payments are immediate.

We hope you’ll find this improvement useful and would like to encourage you to post a comment or email us with any of your suggestions in the future too.

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Zoe Out and About!

March 17, 2011

zoeflower.jpgZoe in the jungle!

zoepath.jpgZoe on the trail!

zoerock1.jpgZoe on top of the world!

zoerock.jpgZoe on the rocks!

zoeflower1.jpgZoe in the garden!\;zoebella-norwich-terrier;2008-05-03 21:05:13

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A comparison


I just wanted you all to see how much Watson has grown.


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Feb 2008


After a really long walk.


Please no more pictures!


Just chillin!!


New Bed


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Tibetan Mastiff Nala


Nala is one of my 3 TM from Europuppy she’s the youngest 14 months old but she’s as tall and big as my two 2 years old TM (Coma and Bimpa)
Nala is the brother of Norman ( TM in Wisconsin USA) the owner should be very proud of his dog so am I. Both pup from Europuppy grows up beautifully into a perfect and lovable dogs.

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