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Puppies for sale in Dubai from the Netherlands – buyers beware!

May 23, 2011

We were recently contacted by a customer from Abu Dhabi. I would like to quote her letter below:

“Dear Eddie, everyone suggests we contact you, My husband and I are looking for a healthy virus free puppy. We are interested in a cocker spaniel. A week ago we bought a cocker spaniel puppy in Dubai that was imported from the Netherlands, it had a passport with vaccine stickers stamped and signed from the vet. My puppy died last night from parvo and while he was in hospital, there was another puppy with the same passport and same vaccine sticker with the exact same number code for each vaccine, it turned out these people lied about the dogs being vaccinated and dewormed. Both the pups had parvo. We are truly saddened by the matter and I hope Euro puppy is not like that? Please send me the information regarding the shipping fees, vaccines, the true age of the puppies and what is the process to bring these pups into Abu Dhabi.”

We have noticed that Classified sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been flooded with puppies offered from the Netherlands for unbelievably low prices lately. As the old saying goes “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Please be VERY CAREFUL when deciding to purchase a puppy from classifieds offered for under market prices. Not only are you risking your money, but as our customer’s example shows, innocent puppies’ lives are at stake, not to mention the emotional strain on your family. Please be very thorough in your research and don’t support careless puppy breeding. Instead, go with a proven, trusted service such as Euro Puppy. Our service is dedicated to the puppy’s well-being and to satisfying the customer’s needs. Euro Puppy offers puppies for sale with a 10 year satisfaction guarantee and is proud to showcase testimonials from hundreds of happy dog owner all over the world. 

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Euro Puppy featured in Glam magazine!

May 16, 2011

glam articleQatar’s No.1 fashion magazine Glam, published by Oryx Advertising Company, has featured Euro Puppy in one if their articles titled ‘Pooch Power’. The author of the article tells her story of falling in love with Benjy, a maltese-yorkie mix and how this encounter inspired her to buy her own dog despite not being a great dog fan beforehand. She details her efforts of finding a dog in Qatar to no end. When she was about to give up, she came across Euro Puppy. Quote from the article: 

“For weeks I scoured websites, classifieds and shelters for a Yorkshire Terrier, as this was the only dog I felt suited my busy lifestyle, susceptibility to allergies, and small apartment. My efforts were in vain, as it seemed this type of dog just was not available in Qatar. Enter Europupy. I spoke to Eddie at Europuppy and discussed my requirements. He sent me many photos of gorgeous pups who could be with me in just a few weeks. Patient and understanding, he didn’t once rush my decision. It was especially nice to see photos of the puppy’s sire and dam as it gives you a clear idea of what your puppy will look like in a few weeks as the tiniest of puppies can grow into the largest of dogs very quickly. A quick browse on offers a wealth of information of different breeds and temperaments and the excellent recommendations of their customers really took out all the stress, worry and doubt of purchasing a pooch online.”  

The full article can be downloaded in pdf format here.

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Spaying your female dog

May 4, 2011

spayed dogUnless you are planning to breed your female dog, it is not a question whether you should spay her or not. Beyond saving you from unwanted litters, spaying your female dog is proven to decrease the chances of developing mammary cancer and other lethal diseases as this article points out.

The question is rather when is the best time to spay your dog? According to the above mentioned article and most veterinarians, the answer is before sexual maturity. It is easy to admit that if your dog is spayed before her first heat cycle (usually 6 months of age), the chances of accidental pregnancy and unwanted litters are zero, which is great, because the problem of overpopulation shouldn’t be ignored by any responsible pet owner. So the simple answer may seem to be: the sooner the better. 

However, unfortunately there is no simple answer. As this publication explains, not denying the overall advantages of spaying, new research shows that female dogs spayed before the age of 6 months are more likely to suffer hormone-related urinary incontinence. Similarly, male dogs neutered at an early age are more likely to suffer from certain diseases than those neutered later on.

It still gets more complicated though, as sterilization (disabling your dog from reproduction) does not necessarily equal spaying (or neutering in male dogs). In modern veterinary practice, it is possible to sterilize your female dog without actually removing the organs responsible for producing the sexual hormones as you’ll find out from this article.  

How are you then, the pet owner, to be expected to make an educated decision about spaying your female dog if there doesn’t seem to be a consensus among veterinarians on the issue? 

If your number one reason for spaying your dog is avoiding unwanted pregnancy, then you should definitely get it done before the first heat cycle. Otherwise, consult with your vet and see if new research has come up with more evidence on the matter. 

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee in May

May 2, 2011

30daymoneybackguarantee2011 is a year of partying at Euro Puppy and you are invited! We’ve been celebrating our 10th birthday with different promotions and special offers each month. In February, we launched our 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee, which has been so successful that we decided to extend it for the whole year. In March, we selected a Puppy Of The Day every week day of the month and gave a massive $500 off. We had a fun video contest in April, and we are ready to continue the celebration in May with a special 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

We have asked many of our customers in surveys as well as personally about what was the most important thing for them when buying a puppy. The dog’s health always comes in first place. That’s why we thought a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee would give our customers an extra peace of mind that everyone seeks when buying a dog. 

If you’ve been following Euro Puppy for some time, you probably know that we are dedicated to only offering top quality and healthy puppies for sale. It is very unlikely that a dog you buy at Euro Puppy gets sick, but with the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, we’re giving you another good reason to find your dream puppy at Euro Puppy. Don’t forget that this is a special promotion for May only! 

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