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Watch out for kennel cough in the summer too

June 10, 2011

dog at park

It’s just about summertime, and while that means pleasure, joy, and
adventure to the dog park for our furry friends, it’s also a time to
be extra careful.

Summer is a very common time for dogs to contract kennel cough.
Although kennel cough itself is generally not a serious condition and
usually goes away naturally after a few weeks, it is often the case
that the cough is masking a more serious issue. That’s why it’s
important to be aware of the different ways you can prevent, identify,
and treat kennel cough. This will help you give your dog the proper
care if you notice any odd behavior to avoid serious problems from

dog digging

There are many ways to treat and remedy kennel cough, and it is
important to remember that every dog is unique and may require a
different type of care. The key is to carefully monitor your dog for
any symptoms so that you can get him/her checked out as soon as
possible if something is wrong. If you find that your dog has
contracted the cough, there are many options available from vaccines,
to antibiotics, to natural home remedies!

Our friends at have created a fantastic online
resource for everything to do with kennel cough symptoms, treatment,
remedies, prevention, and more. There you will learn what you can do
to prevent kennel cough, which symptoms to watch out for, recommended
home remedies, and a ton of other helpful information.

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A Facebook post is worth $100 in June at Euro Puppy

June 1, 2011

Euro Puppy FacebookThe summer is here and I’m pretty sure most of you can’t wait to pack up, grab the kids and the dog and hit the nearest beach. If the only thing missing is the dog, we are here to help you and make this year’s holiday season even more fun. We’ve been celebrating Euro Puppy’s 10th birthday with special offers and surprises since the beginning of 2011 and we don’t feel like stopping at all. For June, we came up with a special surprise that will not only save anyone buying a puppy $100, but it will also help other people decide about what breed to choose. 

Choosing a breed can be difficult, especially if everyone in the family wants something different. If you are a busy professional, you’ll want a dog that will be fine on its own during the day and won’t destroy your home, a Bulldog for instance. But if you’d like your dog to go jogging with you in the evenings, you may have to reconsider and get a more active breed. Seeing why other people choose a certain breed can be a great deal of help in making your decision.

If you are about to buy your puppy in June, keep an eye on our Facebook page for useful information and post your own message to save a $100

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