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Dubai Dog Show coming up

January 23, 2012

dubai dog showParticipants of the Dubai Pet show trying to keep their dogs disciplined.

The Dubai Dog Show – Dubai Pet Show to be precise since cats are also allowed – has been running for 24 years now. As the number of pet owners grows in the area, the event attracts more and more people. After all, who wouldn’t like to show their four legged child to the world and collect a Best in Show title?

Fame and glory

If you have an aspiration to get your dog some fame and glory, you should mark February 3rd in your calendar and register your dog as soon as possible since there is only a bit more than a week to go. You can enter your dog in the following competitions:

  • Puppy Class
  • Terrier Class
  • Hound Class
  • Crossbreed Class
  • Child Handler Class
  • Veteran Class


All dogs eligible to enter

Now, if you don’t think that your dog has what it takes to be the winner of one of the above categories, do not despair! The organizers have been very considerate and thought of every dog, even those who may not have the most amazing hairdo, the finest conformation or discipline. They can still be part of the fun in one of the following competitions:

  • Best Six Legs
  • Happiest Dog
  • Dog Most Like Owner
  • Best Fancy Dress


While it seems fairly easy to tell how happy a dog is, the “Dog most like owner” competition must be a tough one to judge, unless of course the similarity between dog and owner is striking. dog like owner

If you are considering participation but are not sure about either your dog or yourself, let us give you a bit of encouragement. One of our dear customers showed his Cocker Spaniel, Clifford, in the 2010 Dubai Dog Show and won the Best Puppy in Show award! 

Whether you enter your dog in a competition or just go along and watch, February 3rd promises to be an exciting day. We would love to hear back from your experience – regardless of whether your dog won anything. 

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