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5 Facts about Caucasian Mountain Dogs

March 26, 2012

Caucasian Mountain Dog

Not sure if you are seeing a dog or a lion? Looks and ill-deserved notoriety can be deceptive. Let’s look at some facts.

Is the Caucasian Mountain Dog inherently dangerous?

No. The Caucasian Mountain Dog, also called Caucasian Shepherd, is not inherently dangerous. The breed has been used as a shepherd dog to guard flock for hundreds of years. It is very suitable for this job, because its robust built and enormous power enables it to fight off volves or even bears if necessary. But it would never attack the sheep it was supposed to guard. The same is true for a well trained CMD in the family. It would never attack the people he regards as family, the same way it would not attack its sheep. 

Is the Caucasian Mountain Dog a family pet?

While the Caucasian Mountain dog can live in a human family, it is not your typical family pet. The CMD is an extremely large dog, and because of its inherent herding instinct, it may seem to chase children around, while it is actually only trying to keep them in the flock. This my be misunderstood by children and sudden, unexpected reactions may surprise the dog. To sum up, the CMD is not recommended to families with small children. 

Should I get a Caucasian Mountain Dog?

Yes, provided that you are not the first time dog owner. In fact, you should be a very experienced dog owner to be able to keep the alpha role to yourself. It is also an advantage if you have a strong phisique if you want to handle this giant of a dog. You should also keep in mind that this dog requires lots of exercise. Only get a CMD if you can devote quite some time to this special breed. 

Does the Caucasian Mountain Dog make a good protector?

Yes, the CMD makes a perfect watch dog and guard dog. It needs no special training to become a good guard dog as its protective instincts will guide him. It can differenciate between the people who it regards as family and everyone else who may try to enter the property. Friends of the family need to be introduced one by one and need to be accompanied by a trusted family member until the dog has fully acquainted himself with the stranger.   

Is it easy to train a Caucasian Mountain Dog? 

If started at a very young age, it is not so difficult. The later you start training, the more resistance you’ll experience as is the case with all dogs. The specialty of the CMD is that it needs lots of early socialization to become managable as an adult dog. A Caucasian Mountain Dog that never met other people and animals as a puppy and young dog, can be extremely difficult to keep under control as an adult. 

If you think you have what it takes to look after a CMD, visit our Caucasian Mountain Dogs for sale

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BarkBox – Make your best friend happy!

March 12, 2012

barkboxThe last thing we expected was to bump into Matt Meeker, one of the
brilliant minds behind BarkBox, here in Budapest. Yet, that’s exactly what
happened just last Friday. Matt, also cofounder of, came to Budapest
to share his experiences as a serial entrepreneur with his European fellows.

We joined Matt for a drink with local entrepreneurs and it wasn’t long
before we discovered that we share the same passion for dogs. Matt told us
about his Great Dane puppy, who looks almost exactly like Theo
and how his latest venture, BarkBox is already making big waves, despite having
started only a couple of months ago.

We thought BarkBox was a genius idea, because not only can you get a box
full of fun gifts for your own dog every month in the mail, but you can also
give it as a gift! How cool is that! On top of that, they are giving 10% of the
value of each box to a local shelter.

We were fascinated by Matt’s story of BarkBox and in return
Matt was amazed to learn how Euro Puppy has shipped puppies to over 90
countries in all parts of the world. He was especially keen on our iPhone app,
because he loved how it barks when a new puppy of your desired breed becomes available :)

We look forward to seeing Matt around next time and wish the
whole BarkBox team best of luck. May you make a lot of dogs happy!

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Proof: owning a dog makes you more attractive

March 6, 2012

walking dog

There are plenty of good reasons to own a dog. They make you happier, help you lose weight, entertain and give you company, help your children learn responsibility, but above all they give you unconditional love that is so hard to get from humans, except your mother perhaps.

If all those reasons are not enough for you to get a dog, it is now scientifically proven that owning a dog makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

According to a recent survey conducted by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare society, 60% of the 700 respondents said that owning a dog can make people more attractive, while 85% believe that people with a dog are more approachable.

Furthermore, almost all the respondents (95%) said they would feel more comfortable talking to a stranger if they had a dog. When asked why, 2/3 of the respondents said that people who have dogs seem friendlier, more trustworthy and approachable. 

Clarissa Baldwin, CEO of Dogs Trust comments:

“The results of this research come as no surprise to Dogs Trust, as we hear stories every day of people meeting new friends or a partner through their dog. Put simply, the world is a friendlier place when you have a dog.

This research shows that not only are dog owners perceived as more approachable and friendly, but that having a dog can make you more attractive. With canine companions making such great ice breakers too, they really are the 21st century cupid!”

And she is so right. Imagine this scenario: you are walking in the park enjoying the morning sun and see a member of the opposite sex that you’d like to approach, but don’t really know how to so you just forget about the whole thing to avoid potential embarrassment. Now if that person has a dog, you don’t hesitate, but simply approach the dog!

On top of assuming that someone owning a dog is a friendly person, people also assume a couple of other things. For instance someone, who is affectionate with an animal, is also likely to be affectionate and caring with their partner. Similarly, everyone knows that having a dog is a long term commitment, so a person who is mature enough to commit to a dog is also more likely to be a good long term relationship material.

If chatting up strangers in the park doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, there are plenty of other ways your pooch can help you find romance, including dating sites for dog lovers, speed dating and many more.

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