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Introducing your New Puppy to the Family

May 14, 2012

Children and Puppy

first day home with your puppy is a special day for you and your family.  Everyone will
be trying to find their new position in the household.  There are new
responsibilities, new adventures, and new toys everywhere!

Bringing a new puppy home is
exciting but it can also be quite expensive, exhausting, and scary.  A puppy’s needs are not unlike any new
addition to the family.  They need lots of love, patience, and kindness,
but they also need clear rules and expectations from day one.  They will need a
place of their own and a safe environment all around them. 

Preparing for your Puppy 
Preparations for your first day home with your new puppy should begin well before they ever romp across the living
room or leave their footprints in the grass outside.

Your family should be made aware of the way having a new puppy can change the structure in your home.  Children
need to understand that puppies are not toys and cannot be treated as such. 
Everyone needs to know that anything left out could get chewed, messes will get
made, and a puppy will need to sleep
as much as they will need to play


Introducing the new Puppy to
Your Kids
Your first day home with your new puppy
ill set up what will become a standard of care for the future.  Make sure children are taught to be
careful when handling a puppy
small children should NEVER carry a puppy
around.  An adult should monitor interactions with small children at all
times.  Some puppies are very
fragile and all puppies are wiggly, and rambunctious.  Children should
be taught to treat a puppy with respect.  Children should never be in
charge of discipline or correction of behavior.

When introducing a puppy to children
in your home, make sure you lay down ground rules first.  The children should be clear
on what the rules and expectations are
 before you start to teach them to the
puppy.  If a small child would like to hold the puppy they should first
sit down, so when the puppy wriggles away, they will not fall and get hurt. 

Some basic rules should include:
1. Pick up your toys…or they may get ruined.
2. Do not wake a sleeping puppy. They need their rest.
3. Do not interrupt a puppy that is eating. You might get bitten.
4. Do not carry a puppy around. Puppies break when dropped.
5. Do not hit a puppy. It is an adult’s job to discipline.
6. Treat a puppy like a friend, not a toy.

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5 facts you didn’t know about Vizsla dogs

May 7, 2012

Vizsla puppy

Fact #1 

In a way the Vizsla has more in common with cats than other dogs. No, it doesn’t purr and meow, but it’s a self cleaning dog and has very little of the odour most other dogs possess. So the Vizsla is an ideal match for those with a sensitive nose and no desire to bath their dog every week.

Fact #2

The Vizsla breed does not have an undercoat, therefore it should not be kept outside during wintertime.

Fact #3

The Vizsla is sometimes mentioned as one of the so called “Velcro dogs”. The term refers to the fact that Vizslas are very sociable and prefer to be around their humans, and it plays on the clinging ability of the Velcro hook-and-loop fastener.

Fact #4

The Vizsla breed has a known history of more than 1000 years, but the breed almost became extinct under the communist occupation of Hungary after World War II.

Fact #5

The Vizsla excels in retrieving game on all sorts of terrain, including water. It has a natural instinct to be a great gun dog. No hunter could wish for a better companion. 

vizsla puppy

If you are considering adopting a Vizsla puppy, you should know that these dogs need at least an hour of exercise every day to preserve their health. If you can fulfil the Vizsla’s need for exercise, you’ll have a very special new friend in your life. 

Although the Vizsla is a great gun dog, it is also one of the most affectionate ones. Vizslas thrive on human attention and bond very strongly with their owners. They prefer to spend all their time around their human family, which includes nights. If allowed, they will happily sleep under the sheets in the same bed with their owners. 

 vizsla puppy

Due to its loving and affectionate nature, the Vizsla is also a great match for families with small children. Vizslas will engage in playful games and all sorts of fun activities with children and can be fully trusted not to hurt them. However, the long wagging tail of the dog (unless docked), may unintentionally slap children on the face, which might result in tears. 

Vizslas themselves cry occasionally if left alone for long periods of time. The breed is not recommended to people, whose jobs require them to leave home for several days in a row.

We’d be pleased to hear your stories if you have a Vizsla dog of your own! 

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