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Puppy Delivery 6th December – Austrian/Italian Border

December 7, 2013

3 new customers collected their pups ready for Christmas on Friday 6th December.

Michael & wife from San Quirino, Italy with ‘Cherry’ their Beagle.


Donald and family with Damien an English Bulldog from Vicenza, Italy.

Joseph & Colleen with their 2 Husky’s  Mika & Callie from Sacile, Italy.

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Budapest from Italy!!

August 11, 2013

Brett traveled from his base in Italy to see our great city,Budapest and collect his new pup a great looking American Staffordshire Terrier called Lady.

Enjoyed seeing the City, but even more pleased to see his new pup!

Safe journey home.

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"Puppy Delivery" 2nd August Germany & Austria/German Border

August 3, 2013

 4 Happy new owners received their new family members this week at their homes in Germany or collected them at our new delivery point on the Austria/German Border.

Barry the Saint Bernard with new owners Kayla & Jason

Brie with new owners Veronica & daughter

Vader with new owners Lindsey & Zack

Ninja joins existing Euro Puppy owners Loretta & family with Euro Puppy Aurora

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Euro Puppy Sponsors "Dog Day Out" with Egypuppy our Partners in Egypt.

March 21, 2013

Euro Puppy is proud to be main Sponsor to the Egypuppy’s “Dog Day
Out” being held at Le Passage Hotel on 29th March 2013.

One of Euro Puppy’s owners Mr. Sandor Fagyal  will be there as well as our representatives,
so any Dog owners in Egypt, look out for him and say hi!

You can follow all on Facebook and
join in the fun.

We hope all will have a great day out and look forward to receiving your

Congratulations to Egypuppy for organising a
great public event.

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Competing-Mako Dog Show, Hungary

June 20, 2012

On a sunny, hot day in Mako, Hungary over 1500 great dogs and their owners competed for awards and recognition, many of our breeders were there to show off their wonderful dogs, with many others travelling internationally to attend.
There were over 50 different breeds, from the Hungarian Komandor and Pumi, to the more lavish beautiful English Cocker Spaniel and English Bullmastiff and well as the ever popular Golden Retriever.

Here are a few of many photographs taken.

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Staff Photos

June 18, 2012

Since Euro Puppy’s inception over 10 years ago, Euro Puppy has yet to show our ‘ faces’ to you. So to rectify this, recently on a glorious sunny day, all Euro Puppy staff went to an old established park in central Budapest together with some of our shortly to be transported puppies, to have our pictures taken. But more importantly to have fun with the excited batch of puppies, in the end, with all pictures taken the puppies and staff were all ‘dog tired’.

So to introduce the Euro Puppy staff to you, please enjoy our pictures:

Standing: Steve, Tibor, Sandor and Eddie

Kneeling: Pal, Győrgy, Karoly and Zsolt

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Send a postcard of your puppy with Puppy Cards

April 11, 2012

Puppy Cards app

Having seen the overwhelmingly positive response after we lanched our first app last year, we couldn’t hold back… While our first app focuses on helping you to find your dream puppy, this time we put fun in the centre of attention.

We all know that buying a new puppy is one of the biggest decisions in our lives. And once we have our new fluffy friend with us, we just want to tell everyone! Our new app, Puppy Cards, makes that really simple and fun.

You just take a photo of your pup with your phone or pick one you’d taken earlier, write up a short message to go with the photo and there you go, you have a beautiful postcard to send to all your friends and loved ones.

Puppy Cards app

In addition, the app pins your postcard on a map so that future owners can see if there are dogs and owners where they live. The app can use your current location automatically, but you can also enter a city manually.

The app is free to download and use for everyone, not just Euro Puppy customers. Go have fun!

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BarkBox – Make your best friend happy!

March 12, 2012

barkboxThe last thing we expected was to bump into Matt Meeker, one of the
brilliant minds behind BarkBox, here in Budapest. Yet, that’s exactly what
happened just last Friday. Matt, also cofounder of, came to Budapest
to share his experiences as a serial entrepreneur with his European fellows.

We joined Matt for a drink with local entrepreneurs and it wasn’t long
before we discovered that we share the same passion for dogs. Matt told us
about his Great Dane puppy, who looks almost exactly like Theo
and how his latest venture, BarkBox is already making big waves, despite having
started only a couple of months ago.

We thought BarkBox was a genius idea, because not only can you get a box
full of fun gifts for your own dog every month in the mail, but you can also
give it as a gift! How cool is that! On top of that, they are giving 10% of the
value of each box to a local shelter.

We were fascinated by Matt’s story of BarkBox and in return
Matt was amazed to learn how Euro Puppy has shipped puppies to over 90
countries in all parts of the world. He was especially keen on our iPhone app,
because he loved how it barks when a new puppy of your desired breed becomes available :)

We look forward to seeing Matt around next time and wish the
whole BarkBox team best of luck. May you make a lot of dogs happy!

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