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Denver, the guilty dog

March 29, 2011


Now what is that if not a cute Labrador showing signs of guilt, because she ate something she was not supposed to?

This video has become a meme and spread throughout the internet like wildfire. This one copy only has – so far – generated 6 million views and there are several other instances of it adding hundreds of thousands of views. 

The owners of Denver, the guilty dog, didn’t hesitate to make a Facebook page and create a website and start selling t-shirts of Denver to fulfill the many requests they have apparently received. Part of the money goes to charity, as the website says. 

Denver’s performance really is cute and she deserves to be the star of the month just for pulling that adorable grin

On the other hand, according to a 2009 Science Daily article Alexandra Horowitz, Assistant Professor from Barnard College in New York, uncovered the origins of the “guilty look” in dogs.

During the study, owners were asked to leave the room after ordering their dogs not to eat a tasty treat. While the owner was away, Horowitz gave some of the dogs this forbidden treat before asking the owners back into the room. Some of the owners were told that their dog had eaten the forbidden treat, others were told their dog had behaved properly and left the treat alone. However, what the owners were told, wasn’t always true. 

Whether the dogs’ behavior included elements of the “guilty look” had little to do with whether the dogs had actually eaten the forbidden treat or not. Dogs looked most “guilty” if they were told off by their owners for eating the treat (even if they hadn’t). In fact, dogs that had been obedient and had not eaten the treat, but were scolded by their (misinformed) owners, looked more “guilty” than those that had, in fact, eaten the treat. Thus the dog’s guilty look is a response to the owner’s behavior, and not necessarily indicative of any appreciation of its own misdeeds. 

In other words, if a dog gets told off he will look guilty regardless of whether ha has done anything wrong.

Whether this is what happened in Denver’s case or she really did recognize the empty bag of treats and that’s why she looked guilty is not for us decide, I’d love to hear your opinion on this story and the study conducted by Alexandra Horowitz! 

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8 things a dog should promise before Christmas

December 8, 2010

Most dogs are not as careful as the one in the video and they will not only dance around the Christmas tree. They are much more likely to think its edible or that it’s their new toy. To avoid disaster, here is a list of things a dog should promise as Christmas approaches:

  1. I will not open all the surprises just because I’m too curious.
  2. I know that Christmas light bulbs, ornaments, stockings and tinsel from the Christmas tree are not food.
  3. I will not demolish the Christmas tree and drag the string of lights out into the backyard through the doggy door.
  4. I will not cut myself while chewing away on Christmas light bulbs and ornaments, making my family have to call the vet’s at Christmas.
  5. I will not get tangled up in the Christmas tree lights and pull the tree down while trying to chase a cat through the window.
  6. I will not even think about diving into the Christmas tree to get the candy canes (which I will eat – paper and all).
  7. I will not pee on people’s presents in the hope that I might get them.
  8. I will not pee on the Christmas tree, because I don’t want to ruin my family’s Christmas by electrocuting myself.

As much as we love our dogs, we know that they rarely promise anything, so it is us who need to be extra careful at Christmas time. If we follow one basic rule, which is never leave the dog alone with the Christmas tree, we have already done a lot to prevent accidents from happening.

For those of you, who still haven’t found the right puppy, but would like to celebrate Christmas with a new four legged addition to the family, it is still not too late! You can still find your dream puppy and have it with you by Christmas Eve.

This year, we made a special effort to bring you the most amazing puppies before Christmas. Just have a look at some of them.


Elliott was born in a litter of 8. He is the most beautiful male. His sire has great show results and he has everything it takes to become a successful show dog himself! He has an amazingly friendly personality and he will play with anything and anybody. Labradors are well known for their friendly nature, so if you have young children Elliott could be a dream Christmas present for the whole family!


Lady Fox - Havanese puppy


Just look at that! What a fantastic color that puppy has! Lady Fox comes from great stock, her sire is junior champion. She is very affectionate, cheerful and friendly. The perfect present for Christmas!


White Prince - Bolognese puppy

This curious and playful little boy, called White Prince, is another exceptional pup. He has a beautiful snow white coat, which makes him all the more special. Both her parents have champion titles and he too has the potential to become the star of the ring. He will surely make your family’s Christmas memorable!

Remember, you are still in time to get your dream puppy for Christmas!

German Pointer Puppy showing off hunting instincts

November 15, 2010


German Pointers are hunting dogs by nature. They love chasing anything that moves and will not tolerate being bored. As this video perfectly demonstrates, even at just 10 weeks old, this German Vizsla puppy jumps, listens and moves just the way you’d expect from a hunting dog. 

If their hunting instinct is so strong, how can it be that German Pointers are also great family pets and get on with children like a house on fire? If the puppy is trained well and taught early enough that there are certain animals that are pray and others are off limits then they will never confuse children with pray and will do just fine. No training can make the dog forget its hunting instinct, but it can keep it under control, therefore early training is a must for all hunting breeds

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Virtual Football for you dog!

Sandor Fagyal

Don’t have a garden to play with your dog? No probs! This cute little invention will ensure that you can have as much fun with your dog as you want.

Such a cute little fellah! Of course, the real part about these is the involvement of the humans. The dogs like to feel that they’re part of a game involving everybody. There’s no way he/she would play like that if not for his friends cheering him on from the sidelines.

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