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Denver, the guilty dog

March 29, 2011

  Now what is that if not a cute Labrador showing signs of guilt, because she ate something she was not supposed to? This video has become a meme and spread throughout the internet like wildfire. This one copy only has – so far – generated 6 million views and there are several other instances of [...]

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8 things a dog should promise before Christmas

December 8, 2010

Most dogs are not as careful as the one in the video and they will not only dance around the Christmas tree. They are much more likely to think its edible or that it’s their new toy. To avoid disaster, here is a list of things a dog should promise as Christmas approaches: I will [...]

German Pointer Puppy showing off hunting instincts

November 15, 2010

  German Pointers are hunting dogs by nature. They love chasing anything that moves and will not tolerate being bored. As this video perfectly demonstrates, even at just 10 weeks old, this German Vizsla puppy jumps, listens and moves just the way you’d expect from a hunting dog.  If their hunting instinct is so strong, [...]

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Virtual Football for you dog!

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Don’t have a garden to play with your dog? No probs! This cute little invention will ensure that you can have as much fun with your dog as you want. Such a cute little fellah! Of course, the real part about these is the involvement of the humans. The dogs like to feel that they’re [...]

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