How to introduce a new puppy to your cat

September 19, 2011

Dog with cat

The photo was provided by Mario Tabraue, former representative of Euro Puppy USA,

director of Zoological Wildlife Foundation.


Many families own a cat prior to bringing a new puppy in the home. For a young puppy, leaving its mother, litter mates and adapting to a completely new environment can be stressful enough, while meeting a cat – even if it’s not as large as the one above – can easily cause trouble.

If the puppy is younger than 2-3 months (depending on the breed), you need to realize that it’s the dog that you should be concerned about as the cat can hurt a puppy with its sharp claws quite badly in an instant.

The main principle that should be followed when introducing a puppy to a cat in the home is that you should always be in control. This is best achieved by putting your puppy in a crate first and letting your cat get to know the newcomer from the outside. A few days or even weeks should pass before you let the puppy out of the crate when the cat is present. The right time to do this is when both seem perfectly comfortable in the presence of each other.

If you are bringing a slightly older dog to the home and feel that it is the cat that is more vulnerable, you should still stick to the crate routine. When the time for meeting outside the crate comes, make sure you have your dog on a leash and put a muzzle on him too. In that way, they can get close contact safely and you can easily tell if they are relaxed together or not. The next step is to let the dog off the leash and make sure you can call him to you even if the cat starts running. If that is the case, you can remove the muzzle and let them meet.

What’s amazing about cats and dogs living together is that they seem able to learn to read one another’s body cues and develop some sort of an interspecies communication as explained in this Science Daily article.

If your dog doesn’t do well in the muzzle phase and always gets out of control when the cat starts running, you may need to use a remote collar that you can read more about here.

Remember, dogs and cats can be good friends, provided that you pay attention to introducing them in a proper way.

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Eddie represents Hungary in the national cricket team!

September 13, 2011

Eddie playing cricket

For the last 6 years Eddie has been Euro Puppy’s main customer contact and proudly assisted many customers from all over the world including some big cricket playing nations such as India, South Africa and England and other nations where the game is really starting to develop and take off such as Hungary itself.

Ed is also very proud to represent Hungary in cricket and had a great recent tournament at home where Hungary defended its Euro Twenty20 title. He made 42 not out in the final chasing the Bulgarian score of 121 to get man of the match.

When asked about the future of cricket in Hungary he is very positive and excited. “We now have a fantastic new ground and kids over here are getting into the sport big time not to forget the expat community and natives. We are also about to get ICC affiliation which will help leaps and bounds.”

Eddie playing cricket

Born in New Zealand where he played the sport for many years until curiosity finally got the better of him and he ventured over to Budapest in 2002 and been here ever since. Plenty of the curiosity came from his Magyar background on his mum’s side of the family.

We wish Eddie all the best for his future cricket games and secretly hope he doesn’t get too good at it, because we and our customers here at Euro Puppy really need him :)

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Dognapping on the rise

August 24, 2011

dognappingAccording to a recent article of USA Today, the number of dogs being stolen has risen dramatically in 2011.

Stealing dogs with the intention of demanding a ransom from the owner is not
a new phenomenon. In fact, the first ever dognapping case was recorded in 1934. The stolen Boston Terrier was returned to its
owner after 5 long months so the story had a happy ending.

Dogs become part of our families. They will be just like a small brother or
sister to the kids. And when they are kidnapped and there is a chance that
money can buy them back, we pay gladly – provided that we have the money
demanded, that is.

Over time, as conformation showing became more popular, show dogs became the
targets of thieves. It’s easy to see that if the owner of a regular dog is
willing to pay thousands of dollars in ransom, the owner of a valuable show dog
might pay tens of thousands of dollars to get his pooch back.

Dognapping – not only for ransom but reselling, experiments and a number of
other purposes – has become widespread in the United States by the 60’s. So
much so that it had actually become one of the most talked about issues of the
time. The public dismay and the floods of letters demanding something to be
done put enormous pressure on the senate. As a result, the “Dognapping Law”,
which became the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 was born.

Almost fifty years later, the situation seems to be getting out of control once
again. According to the AKC, reports of stolen dogs rose by 49% in the first 7
months of 2011. The numbers have been growing steadily since 2008, which is –
to a large extent – due to the economic turmoil the world is going through.

Fortunately, a Euro Puppy dog has never been stolen, but we thought a list
of breeds that are more likely to become the victims of theft could be useful
to our customers as well as any dog owner:

If you have a dog of one of the above breeds, your dog is a more attractive
target for a criminal than most other breeds because of its size, popularity or
both. You need to pay extra attention when going for walks and meeting
strangers. Never leave your dog tied to post in front of a store or alone in a
Unless your dog is very obedient and always comes back when called, never
let him off the leash in public

If the breed of your dog is not listed above, that doesn’t mean you should
not be careful of course. Any dog that is left unattended will become an
attractive target of a thief looking for its next victim.

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Doing our best to provide the best

July 8, 2011

We have recently received a letter from Petra, a Happy
Miniature Bull Terrier owner in the United Arab Emirates and we think her
experience will help many of you out there searching for that special puppy of

Miniature Bull Terrier, UAEShe starts her letter: “I have received the puppy and
all went well. I must say that I am very happy with my choice.”
Her puppy is indeed
very good looking and confident which you can tell just by looking at her face.
Petra continues: “I have always gone
directly to breeder to purchase my dogs because I wanted to see where they come
from, how the parents are kept and how well the puppies are socialized.”

It is perfectly reasonable from anyone looking to buy a
puppy to want to visit the breeder in person, see the parents, the environment
and of course, the puppy itself. However, the traditional way of selecting and
purchasing a puppy is not an option for everyone:

because I live in the UAE and I have little time to look for breeders with available
puppies in my short summer holiday, I had to rely on strangers like you to do
the leg work for me.”

That’s where Euro Puppy comes in. We visit the breeders
personally, photograph their puppies, give them a good health check and will
only recommend the ones to you that meet the standard. If you want to save yourself
the “leg work” as Petra says, we are here to help.

must admit that I had my doubts buying an animal from the internet. I was a
little worried that I was purchasing a dog from horrible breeding facilities
where the bitches are covered over and over again to make maximum profits. I
worried that the puppies were not well kept and psychologically disturbed.”

Petra was quite right to be cautious about buying a
puppy from the internet and you should be too. With so many scams and poorly
bred animals around, you should only buy from a source that you can trust 100%
and that you know makes the puppies’ wellbeing the No.1 priority
. Euro Puppy and
the breeders we work with are just like that. Petra continues:

Miniature Bull Terrier, UAE“The
more I looked into your website, I did it daily, the more I realized that you
were really doing your best to provide the best. The puppy arrived and I could
immediately tell that she was a very healthy, happy youngster! Even the
delivery people were very courteous and friendly! With
every passing hour!! I see more and more how well my new puppy had been kept.
 She is very well socialized and I can tell that the breeder gave her
plenty of human contact. Even her reaction to other dogs shows me that the
breeder kept the pup in the best social environment. I would highly recommend
the breeder to everyone.”

Petra pointed out a very important thing about buying a
puppy that many people are unaware of. The first few weeks have a major impact on the rest of the puppy’s life. The more the puppy is exposed to
human contact and other animals in its early life, the more balanced its
personality will become as an adult dog. There is only one chance to get this
right, that’s why it’s so important that the breeder does a good job. Petra
ends her letter:  

is a pleasure to see that some people do take their word and profession very
Thank you and please rely my thanks to your staff, and the breeder himself.
You have made a family very happy!
Best regards
Petra Faber”

Thank you Petra for choosing us and we will continue to do
our best to provide the best.

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Good news for UK dog lovers: entry rules about to change!

July 1, 2011

bulldogIf you have ever attempted to import a dog to the UK or to simply travel with
your own, you know what a nuisance it is. According to our unofficial sources,
the entry rules for pets entering the UK are about to change finally.

At the moment your dog needs to be at least 9 months of age to enter the UK
under the Pets Travel Scheme. Young puppies need to spend the first six months
of their lives – the best period for bonding and training – in quarantine just
to make sure that the required vaccinations are effective and the puppy does
not carry any infectious diseases.

What’s happening is that the UK is falling in line with the rest of EU. Pet dogs and cats from the EU and listed third countries (see pdf below) entering the UK from 1st January 2012 will require the following:

  • Microchip 
  • Rabies Vaccination 
  • Pre entry waiting period of 21 days after vaccination 
  • Tick treatment no longer required 
  • Tapeworm treatment still under consideration at European level

Pets travelling from unlisted third countries who do not meet the entry requirements will still be subject to quarantine.

If the entry rules for pets entering the UK change as plannad, millions of current and future UK dog owners will feel relieved. 

If you’d like to know more about bringing pets into the UK after 1 January 2012 read the pdf compiled by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 


UPDATE!!!! July 13th, 2011

It is official! Bringing pets into the UK after 1 January 2012 will be simplified

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Watch out for kennel cough in the summer too

June 10, 2011

dog at park

It’s just about summertime, and while that means pleasure, joy, and
adventure to the dog park for our furry friends, it’s also a time to
be extra careful.

Summer is a very common time for dogs to contract kennel cough.
Although kennel cough itself is generally not a serious condition and
usually goes away naturally after a few weeks, it is often the case
that the cough is masking a more serious issue. That’s why it’s
important to be aware of the different ways you can prevent, identify,
and treat kennel cough. This will help you give your dog the proper
care if you notice any odd behavior to avoid serious problems from

dog digging

There are many ways to treat and remedy kennel cough, and it is
important to remember that every dog is unique and may require a
different type of care. The key is to carefully monitor your dog for
any symptoms so that you can get him/her checked out as soon as
possible if something is wrong. If you find that your dog has
contracted the cough, there are many options available from vaccines,
to antibiotics, to natural home remedies!

Our friends at have created a fantastic online
resource for everything to do with kennel cough symptoms, treatment,
remedies, prevention, and more. There you will learn what you can do
to prevent kennel cough, which symptoms to watch out for, recommended
home remedies, and a ton of other helpful information.

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A Facebook post is worth $100 in June at Euro Puppy

June 1, 2011

Euro Puppy FacebookThe summer is here and I’m pretty sure most of you can’t wait to pack up, grab the kids and the dog and hit the nearest beach. If the only thing missing is the dog, we are here to help you and make this year’s holiday season even more fun. We’ve been celebrating Euro Puppy’s 10th birthday with special offers and surprises since the beginning of 2011 and we don’t feel like stopping at all. For June, we came up with a special surprise that will not only save anyone buying a puppy $100, but it will also help other people decide about what breed to choose. 

Choosing a breed can be difficult, especially if everyone in the family wants something different. If you are a busy professional, you’ll want a dog that will be fine on its own during the day and won’t destroy your home, a Bulldog for instance. But if you’d like your dog to go jogging with you in the evenings, you may have to reconsider and get a more active breed. Seeing why other people choose a certain breed can be a great deal of help in making your decision.

If you are about to buy your puppy in June, keep an eye on our Facebook page for useful information and post your own message to save a $100

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Puppies for sale in Dubai from the Netherlands – buyers beware!

May 23, 2011

We were recently contacted by a customer from Abu Dhabi. I would like to quote her letter below:

“Dear Eddie, everyone suggests we contact you, My husband and I are looking for a healthy virus free puppy. We are interested in a cocker spaniel. A week ago we bought a cocker spaniel puppy in Dubai that was imported from the Netherlands, it had a passport with vaccine stickers stamped and signed from the vet. My puppy died last night from parvo and while he was in hospital, there was another puppy with the same passport and same vaccine sticker with the exact same number code for each vaccine, it turned out these people lied about the dogs being vaccinated and dewormed. Both the pups had parvo. We are truly saddened by the matter and I hope Euro puppy is not like that? Please send me the information regarding the shipping fees, vaccines, the true age of the puppies and what is the process to bring these pups into Abu Dhabi.”

We have noticed that Classified sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been flooded with puppies offered from the Netherlands for unbelievably low prices lately. As the old saying goes “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Please be VERY CAREFUL when deciding to purchase a puppy from classifieds offered for under market prices. Not only are you risking your money, but as our customer’s example shows, innocent puppies’ lives are at stake, not to mention the emotional strain on your family. Please be very thorough in your research and don’t support careless puppy breeding. Instead, go with a proven, trusted service such as Euro Puppy. Our service is dedicated to the puppy’s well-being and to satisfying the customer’s needs. Euro Puppy offers puppies for sale with a 10 year satisfaction guarantee and is proud to showcase testimonials from hundreds of happy dog owner all over the world. 

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Euro Puppy featured in Glam magazine!

May 16, 2011

glam articleQatar’s No.1 fashion magazine Glam, published by Oryx Advertising Company, has featured Euro Puppy in one if their articles titled ‘Pooch Power’. The author of the article tells her story of falling in love with Benjy, a maltese-yorkie mix and how this encounter inspired her to buy her own dog despite not being a great dog fan beforehand. She details her efforts of finding a dog in Qatar to no end. When she was about to give up, she came across Euro Puppy. Quote from the article: 

“For weeks I scoured websites, classifieds and shelters for a Yorkshire Terrier, as this was the only dog I felt suited my busy lifestyle, susceptibility to allergies, and small apartment. My efforts were in vain, as it seemed this type of dog just was not available in Qatar. Enter Europupy. I spoke to Eddie at Europuppy and discussed my requirements. He sent me many photos of gorgeous pups who could be with me in just a few weeks. Patient and understanding, he didn’t once rush my decision. It was especially nice to see photos of the puppy’s sire and dam as it gives you a clear idea of what your puppy will look like in a few weeks as the tiniest of puppies can grow into the largest of dogs very quickly. A quick browse on offers a wealth of information of different breeds and temperaments and the excellent recommendations of their customers really took out all the stress, worry and doubt of purchasing a pooch online.”  

The full article can be downloaded in pdf format here.

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Added Value

Safe Shipping

The regulations of each country regarding the transportation of live animals varies greatly. However, our 10 years experience of shipping dogs to over 80 countries makes us your best option to have your dog shipped. We fully comply with the regulations of each destination and make our dog's well-being the number one priority at all times. Our dogs get food and water during their travel and their crates are cleaned in an animal holding facility. They travel in a climate controlled room on the airplane, which insures that they are effected by the journey as little as possible.

Free Microchip

At Euro Puppy, every dog comes with an ISO compatible microchip ($30 value) at no extra cost. Microchipping is now an international standard and is no more painful than a vaccination. The microchip can normally be detected between the shoulder blades of the dog. In the US, AVID chips are used and AVID chip readers will not detect the ISO compatible microchips. Please make sure your reader can read ISO compatible chips.

Great value for money

You will find our service to provide great value for money, as our prices include:

  • veterinary certificate,
  • up-to-date vaccination,
  • deworming,
  • pet passport,
  • microchip,
  • airline approved crate
  • and 10 year satisfaction guarantee.

You get the all this, plus a fury little thing you'll love for life.

Free Airline Approved Crate

Airlines have strict regulations regarding the dimensions and quality of the crates allowed on board. The crate must be escape and leak-proof. It must be ventilated on at least two sides and must provide enough room for the dog to stand up and turn around. We make sure to provide the right crate ($75 value) for your puppy at no extra cost.

Veterinarian checked

In addition, the official, on duty veterinarian at the airport checks each dog to make sure it is healthy and fit to travel. This is how all of our puppies are double checked before they travel.

10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction for 10 years! That may sound crazy, but it's true. See The Guarantee.