Introducing Dussia – The Scottish Terrier

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Elena’s love affair with her Scottish Terriers continues as she introduces to us Dussia, Patrick’s Friend.

This sketch is done with a pencil. It occurs to me, that scottish terriers lend themselves very well to pencil sketches. Notice how the lines mesh with each other to create the picture with minimal shading.

Scottish Terrier drawing

Patrick himself must have taken quite a while longer to draw, with his black hair requiring much more time and effort than Dussia’s. So for beginners – If you want to draw a dog, start with a white one!

Catgegory: Dog Art

Dog Art: The Five year old Scottish Terrier

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

This week Elenor has chosen to show us the painting of her 12.5 year old Scottish Terrier. This painting was done 7 years ago, and that means that Patrick (That’s his name) must have been around 5 at the time.

Dog Art

This is a gouache painting which means that it has been painted by applying opaque watercolor to paper. The effect is that the painting reflects light instead of being semi-translucent the way normal watercolors are.

Catgegory: Dog Art

Dog Art: A Square dog box from our Artist

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

This week, we’re showcasing another dog box. This one is bigger than the Dog box we showed last week.

Scottish Terrier Box

Box inside

Elena has certainly done a great job of painting these boxes, and giving us these pictures. The fact that springs out most from her painting is her love of dogs, and her ability to paint them in settings that have a distinctly human touch. Like the mustaches.

Catgegory: Dog Art

Introducing a new Doggy Artist – Elena Adam!

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Elena has two Scottish Terriers of her own. As a reflection of her nationality (Born in Russia and living in the US), one of her dogs – Patrick is Russian, and the other (Dussia) is American.

Here is one of her paintings which she made in 2002. Three Scottish Terriers, with a passion for shoes! The painting is Ink on paper and colored pencil.

Scottish Terrier - Elena Adam

We love her work. Please visit Elena Adam’s website: THE Scottie Art!

Catgegory: Dog Art

Dog Art: Carol Gillian's Golden Retriever Painting

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Initially bred as a gun dog, Golden Retrievers were bred to have soft mouths so as to bring back their prey undamaged. A love of water, and a gentle nature characterize their personalities.

Having studied art in Brighton, Carol Gillian loves to use oil paintings for her animal portraits. Often, she will stop dog walkers to get a photograph of their pets to use in her pictures.

In 2006, she won the DeMontfort New Artist competition. She likes to paint her subjects in such way that the viewer is engaged with the animal, and feels a response.

Catgegory: Dog Art

Dog Art: Alberto Giacometti and his " Dog "

July 12, 2010

Alberto Giacometti- the famous surrealist sculptor- made a sculpture of a Saluki dog in 1951. It was simply entitled: “Dog”. Yet the model itself is not as simple as one would believe. Many dog researchers believe, that the Saluki – an Egyptian hunting dog – is recognized as the oldest breed of dog in the world. In 1965, Giacometti recalled the genesis of the dog sculpture: ” One day I was walking along the Rue de Vanves, in the rain, close to the walls of the buildings, feeling a little sad perhaps, and I felt like a dog just then. So I made that sculpture. The sad muzzle has a likeness to the Saluki.”

Made of bronze and cast in 1957, it measures 18 x 39 x 6 1/8″ (45.7 x 99 x 15.5 cm). It can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in the US.

Giacometti and his Dog

And the model? What does a Saluki look like? Its emaciated look, was ideal for Giacometti’s sculpture!


Catgegory: Dog Art

Dog Art: George Rodrigue and his Blue Dog.

July 12, 2010

George Rodrigue is a Cajun artist who became a famous artist worldwide. He is known for his creation of the Blue Dog, attributed to his deceased dog named Tiffany and influenced by the “Loup Garou” legend, which was a story of a devil dog in the Cajun tales. The Blue Dog was made popular by Absolut Vodka in 1992, when Rodrigue was honored as an artist for Absolut Vodka, joining famous artists such as Andy Warhol and glass artist Hans Godo Frabel. The Blue Dog was used by both Absolut Vodka and the Xerox Corporation through national ad campaigns. The blue-hued, ghostly spaniel/terrier is often featured with a white nose and yellow eyes.

George Rodrigue and his Blue Dog

Catgegory: Dog Art

William Wegman's Weimaraner Art

July 12, 2010

If you come across stunning or artistic photos of Weimaraner dogs, chances are they are the works of the contemporary artist called William Wegman. Whatever your beliefs about Weimaraners, you cannot deny, that his photos are comical, and emotive. Many a time his Weims are dressed in tuxedos, baseball uniforms or even wedding gowns. For the sake of art it is amazing and can leave one wanting to see more of his awesome work (especially if you love a good combination of art, photography and dogs). I have been a fan of his for some time now, and feel he captures the surreal and funny side of that which is soooooo uncanine-like.

For all his genius, it was interesting for me to come across this statement, by someone who is very much against his art:

” I hope Wegman stays with his non-Weimaraner art. Wegman has HARMED this breed by making them a popular “fad” dog. People get one and THEN find out they are NOT easy dogs to own and required LOTS of exercise, time and attention. Thousands of Weims have been dumped on shelters and abandoned (and killed) by people who saw Wegman’s photos and ran out and got a Weim. Weimaraners are not calm unless you give them hours of exercise or they are old.”

Every coin has two sides. Thank goodness not everyone likes the same thing. It would be a boring world if everyone did. The same can be assumed about the Dalmatians. The “101 Dalmatians” created a stereotype about this breed, but in actual fact, they are also nervous dogs that need lots of exercise to be as calm and collected as the cartoon portrayed them to be.

Ultimately “To err is human; to forgive is canine.” Please watch the two videos below and tell me your thoughts. I would love to hear your beliefs…If you are a proud owner of a Weimaraner and KNOW what this dog is like, would you say that art has indeed created a fad about this breed? Or no harm has been done and it remains comical and surreal to look at William Wegman’s Weimaraner art which morphs that which is canine with that which is human?

Catgegory: Dog Art
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