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Popular Paws # 7: Basset Hound

July 12, 2010

Basset Hound: “Dog”, from the Detective Series: Columbo (1971-2003)

“Dog” was the name given to the Basset Hound owned by Detective Columbo. It was magnificently lethargic and so ugly he was cute. “Dog” would only bark and run at the worst possible times. He hardly became a regular character but he does make splendid appearances in certain episodes. We learned that “Dog” enjoys ice cream, watching television and swimming in a neighbour’s pool.The original dog died and was replaced by an equally passive pooch. This change went unnoticed by the public. However the new dog did create some problems for Columbo, since it was much younger than the original one, so they had to put makeup on the second dog to make him look older…


Nevertheless, Columbo’s genius and his love for his Dog were unquestionable elements for almost 30 years! ” Dog” was a loving character and Basset Hounds have a lot of love for those they consider owner and family. Ironically, Basset Hounds can be considered detectives in their own right, since they have strong natural instincts and are hunting dogs. Of course, it could just be a coincidence, but the rather comical detective and the comical dog, might have had more hunting instincts in common, than the viewers ever gave them credit for!

Basset Hound

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The Sniffing Basset Hound

Sandor Fagyal

The Basset Hound has an amazing sense of smell. Second only the Blood Hound in this regard, they were initially bred for hunting Rabbits. Their long ears are often the subject of much comment!

Their noses mean that they respond exceptionally well to all promises of food while training. Here is a poem about their amazing sense of smell….. 


The saggy baggy Basset Hound
has ears that nearly touch the ground
with mournful eyes and wrinkled skin
that hangs below his droopy chin

But Basset has a clever snout
His nose will always sniff you out
With this amazing nasal asset
nothing an get past the Basset


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Dog With The Longest Ears


The dog with the longest ears is called Mr. Jeffries, who is a Basset Hound from West Sussex, England. His ears measured 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) in 2002. He is also the grandson of the famous dog from the Hush Puppies shoe ads, which made the Basset Hound famous. His grandad used to hold the record, but when he died Mr. Jeffries took over. Owner Phil Jeffries says the ears are so long that he often stands on them, trips over them or drags them in his food by accident.

Longest ears: Mr Jeffries

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Cornballs, Basset Hounds, Pig-Skin and Sore Feet: The Story of the "Hush Puppies" Shoes…


Euro Puppy has done a little research. Any brand, that has a dog as a mascot is appreciated by us. Curious as to the origins of the Hush Puppies shoes we did some research, and Boy, are the results amazing! Most of us know the Hush Puppy adverts…of a sad-faced, yet adorable Basset Hound with the longest of ears. All in aid of selling a few very comfortable shoes, called ” Hush Puppies”. But where does it originate from? Well, a Hush Puppy is actually an American food that consists of small cornmeal balls that are deep-fried. The ingredients include cornmeal, flour, eggs, salt, baking soda, milk, and water, and can include onions and peppers. How did a fried ball of cornmeal get that name and what connection does it have to a Basset Hound, or shoes for that matter?? Well, “hushpuppies” is often attributed to hunters or fisherman who would quickly fry corn meal and feed it to their dogs to “hush the puppies” during cook outs so that while the dogs were quiet, they could talk. So how did a Basset Hound and comfortable shoes get that name??? Well to be able to understand that, Pig-skin has to be mentioned. Say what? Yes. Pig-skin…



The Hush Puppies brand was founded in 1958 and the aim was to develop a practical method of pig-skin tanning for the US military. Pig-skin is believed to be one of the strongest of leathers and the Government wanted to use it for making gloves for soldiers. From the idea of gloves, shoes were born. The brand became instantly recognizable as a leisure casual wear of the late 1950s and 1960s American life. It experienced a resurgence in popularity again in the 1980s and 1990s. The Hush Puppies name and mascot were the creations of the brand’s first sales-manager, James Gaylord Muir. Initially, the company’s advertising agency recommended naming the product “Lasers”. However, while on a selling trip to the southeast, Mr. Muir dined with one of his regional salesmen and the meal included the traditional Southern fried cornballs, or more precisely: hushpuppies. Mr. Muir saw a connection to his new product. The term “Barking dogs” in the 1950′s was an idiom for sore feet! Putting two and two together Mr. Muir realized that his new shoes from pig-skin were so comfortable that they could “quiet barking dogs” – alleviate soreness in feet…or hush the puppies as it may be. And so Hush Puppies was born! Today, Hush Puppies are manufactured mostly in Hungary and as a brand, it has one of the highest brand recognition levels in the world, with many countries reporting over 90% recognition. Who would have thought……

The Hush Puppies trademark Basset Hound

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