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How Much Socialization Does a Golden Retriever Need?

March 26, 2015
Sandor Fagyal

Golden Retrievers are naturally friendly, calm and controlled dogs, surely they don’t need any socializing? Well, actually no, that isn’t entirely true. But hold on, don’t panic! This doesn’t mean they need endless amounts of rigorous socializing either, in fact just a little effort really can go a long way. While it is true that […]

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How to Deal with Puppy Biting

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

If you’ve just bought or adopted a puppy, know that one day, the “Biting Phase” will start. They’re gonna grow sharp little teeth that make you yelp when they chomp down. Don’t worry! They never bite hard, and are just testing their teeth.

Puppy Biting

However, it is very important to know how to react when puppies bite you. Always yelp or cry out if pains and put your puppy down for a few minutes. It’s important that the little fellow realizes that it’s not really acceptable to bite family members hard, and not acceptable to bite non family members at all.

Never whack your puppy if they bite you since I really feel they won’t understand why you’re doing that. If you find that your dog is biting or damaging the furniture, you can get certain non toxic substances from your local pet store that creates a bitter taste that makes furniture unattractive to the puppy.

Puppies will grow out of the biting phase in time. When their teeth are growing, it relieves them to chomp down on something. Till then, try and even enjoy this phase! When your dog is old, you’ll remember the time he used to tug on your jeans with this his wagging.

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Neuter your male dog if he bites

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Dog biting is a serious offense in many parts of the world. If you feel your dog is getting out of control, and sending him to behavioral school is not helping, you might want to consider neutering him

Neutered male dogs are three times less likely to bite than intact males. It consists of removing the testicles of the male. While some might consider this method excessive, you might find that you have no choice in the case of an uncontrollable male.

Dog bite
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