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Popular dogs in the Middle East

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Many people would think that the weather in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Qatar might be too hot for dogs so they are very rare in the region. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the circumstances are not ideal for breeding, dogs are increasingly popular in the Middle East.

The two main reasons why people in the Middle East own pets are protection and pleasure.

The classic protection breeds like the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are very popular, but there seems to be more and more demand for less known breeds such as the Cane Corso and Caucasian Mountain Dog. These breeds have a natural inclination to guard the territory they live in and the people they regard as family.  

The mighty Cane Corso

There is an important distinction to make between protection or guard dogs and watchdogs. While smaller breeds can also act as watchdogs to alert the family in case of danger, guard dogs must be big and intimidating enough to threaten the possible intruder to the point of retreat.

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Yet another Euro Puppy dog doing well in the show ring

July 12, 2010

After hearing good feedback about Euro Puppy and EPUSA, Denise contacted us a few months back looking for a show prospect Bolo male. Well it looks like she got what she wanted! We look forward to your inquiries and assisting your specific needs too.

Thank you Denise, Cole and Dallas. Keep up the good work!

Champion Bolo


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Euro Puppy Offers Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds!

July 12, 2010

Nature rewarded me with a love for dogs and an allergy for cats. Had it been the other way around, I might not be writing this article right now. Yet, although I steer clear of cats – for mostly this reason- I would find it unbearable if I were allergic to dogs. Yet some people are not so lucky, since they are allergic to dogs as well. For those dog lovers out there who suffer from allergies, upon high-fiving a doggy-paw, there really is a cure. A cure? Well…..apart from the anti-histamine tablets and nose-drops to alleviate post-nasal drip, the trick really lies in finding the right dog – and more correctly, the right dog breed – for you.

What are the reactions that cause humans to suffer from allergies? The allergic response is triggered when our immune system reacts to a perceived threat. Some people have a bad reaction to dander (flaky dead skin cells), saliva or secretion from the sebaceous glands of their dogs. Allergy sufferers can also react to the dust, pollen and dirt that gets caught up and spread around by their dogs.

So what is a hypoallergenic dog breed? Well, hypoallergenic dog breeds, are those breeds that are considered the most suitable for those who suffer from allergies. Although they do produce some dander, the amount is so small that very few people experience allergy symptoms when in contact with these breeds. Hypoallergenic dog breeds are usually single-coated, non-shedding (or low-shedding), generally smaller dogs, those dogs that retain the dander due to their curly coat, or are naked!

A list below shows those breeds that are best suited for allergy sufferers. If you have your sights set on another breed, then the best test to determine whether your allergies will be affected, is to spend 20 minutes in a closed off and confined area with the dog. Cars tend to work well for this. This is a simple test which can save the owner from heartbreak in the future.

However, do bear in mind, that no dog is completely 100% hypoallergenic. The ones below only have a much lower dander producing and shedding activity than the other 100 or so breeds and are thus recommended.

The Sun Never Sets in Dubai with Bundles of Bolognese Joy…

July 12, 2010

Much like with a diary, a Blog is great to write down feelings, happenings and developments in one’s life. A new mother may keep a baby-book; start scrapping away at photos, or may very well start her own Blog about her new baby. Well having a Dog Blog dedicated to your latest family members, who just so happen to be two very fluffy; very playful; and immensely gorgeous Bolognese puppies is also a wonderful start to a new life together.

One of our most excited customers of late, is a young woman called E-Lan. She lives in Dubai with her family, and her 2 lovely Bolognese puppies, that came into her life with the help of Euro Puppy. Coco and Hugo arrived in February and she details the adventures and developments of her new family members. At Euro Puppy, we love to follow her stories and adventures. It makes for great reading, and Euro Puppy is now a regular reader of her puppy blog as well! For any Bolognese Puppy fans out there, who either idolize the Bolognese breed, or who are keen family members of this small dog breed, we can warmly recommend reading the daily snippets of E-Lan’s life and her adventures amongst the chaotic, yet lovable bundles of Bolognese joy. You never know..maybe you yourself share some of her trials, tribulations and ultimate excitement at raising 2 overly-energetic, yet totally lovable Bolognese Puppies.

Euro Puppy is always happy to be able to continously build familes, and seemingly…- rather indirectly- puppy blogs worldwide as well.

E-Lan, Coco and Hugo in Dubai

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