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5 Facts about Caucasian Mountain Dogs

March 26, 2012

Caucasian Mountain Dog

Not sure if you are seeing a dog or a lion? Looks and ill-deserved notoriety can be deceptive. Let’s look at some facts.

Is the Caucasian Mountain Dog inherently dangerous?

No. The Caucasian Mountain Dog, also called Caucasian Shepherd, is not inherently dangerous. The breed has been used as a shepherd dog to guard flock for hundreds of years. It is very suitable for this job, because its robust built and enormous power enables it to fight off volves or even bears if necessary. But it would never attack the sheep it was supposed to guard. The same is true for a well trained CMD in the family. It would never attack the people he regards as family, the same way it would not attack its sheep. 

Is the Caucasian Mountain Dog a family pet?

While the Caucasian Mountain dog can live in a human family, it is not your typical family pet. The CMD is an extremely large dog, and because of its inherent herding instinct, it may seem to chase children around, while it is actually only trying to keep them in the flock. This my be misunderstood by children and sudden, unexpected reactions may surprise the dog. To sum up, the CMD is not recommended to families with small children. 

Should I get a Caucasian Mountain Dog?

Yes, provided that you are not the first time dog owner. In fact, you should be a very experienced dog owner to be able to keep the alpha role to yourself. It is also an advantage if you have a strong phisique if you want to handle this giant of a dog. You should also keep in mind that this dog requires lots of exercise. Only get a CMD if you can devote quite some time to this special breed. 

Does the Caucasian Mountain Dog make a good protector?

Yes, the CMD makes a perfect watch dog and guard dog. It needs no special training to become a good guard dog as its protective instincts will guide him. It can differenciate between the people who it regards as family and everyone else who may try to enter the property. Friends of the family need to be introduced one by one and need to be accompanied by a trusted family member until the dog has fully acquainted himself with the stranger.   

Is it easy to train a Caucasian Mountain Dog? 

If started at a very young age, it is not so difficult. The later you start training, the more resistance you’ll experience as is the case with all dogs. The specialty of the CMD is that it needs lots of early socialization to become managable as an adult dog. A Caucasian Mountain Dog that never met other people and animals as a puppy and young dog, can be extremely difficult to keep under control as an adult. 

If you think you have what it takes to look after a CMD, visit our Caucasian Mountain Dogs for sale

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Caucasian Shepherd: family pet or ruthless killer?

November 14, 2011

Caucasian ShepherdWe have been experiencing a steady growth in the number of enquiries for Caucasian Mountain Dogs or Caucasian Shepherds as they are also known. We’ve been trying to figure out what the increase in popularity can be attributed to, but we can only guess.

One of our guesses is that the Caucasian Shepherd breed has been featured in a National Geographic show 3 years ago in the US and this has had a long lasting effect on the popularity of the breed. Clips of the show, such as the one below, are available on Youtube, generating hundreds of thousands of views as we speak.

We also think that the increased demand for the Caucasian Ovcharka is partly due to the unfortunate tendencies of the global economy. In a crises, when people loose their jobs and crime spreads like wildfire, more and more people search for new ways of protecting their property. And one of the best ways to guard a property is undoubtedly having a Caucasian Shepherd around.

When people enquire about Caucasian Mountain Dogs, before we recommend one of our beautiful Caucasian Shepherd puppies, we always ask them about their previous experience of owning dogs and do not recommend the Caucasian to the first time dog owner at all.

Unfortunately, many people think that the Caucasian Mountain dog is a family pet and we have to tell them that it’s not. This breed is not for the ordinary person, but for someone who has dedicated a large part of his life to dogs.


Caucasians easily grow 70 centimeters tall and weigh 80 kilos or more. The reason why they are so good at protecting live stock, sheep for instance, is because they are not afraid to attack a pack of wolves or even a bear. They have an extremely strong guardian instinct and will exhibit a threatening behaviour towards all strangers. They won’t hurt whoever they consider family, but we still don’t recommend the breed to families with children. With such a strong herding and guardian instinct and powerful body, it is best not to take that risk.

We only recommend Caucasian Mountaing Dogs to people who are experienced dog owners and are able to display strong leadership so that the dog always knows who is in charge. Otherwise the Caucasian will naturally assume the alpha role for himself.

This breed needs extensive socialization to teach him that not all strangers are enemy. The earlier this process is started the better.

Obedience training of the Caucasian Shepherd is also an absolute must and it takes an experienced and strong handler. As opposed to most other breeds, puppy school is probably not a good option for the Caucasian. It doesn’t always tolerate other dogs and if it gets out of control, can be very difficult to stop even at a young age.

In summary, the Caucasian Shepherd is the ultimate guard dog. It is capable of protecting huge industrial estates from intruders and doesn’t mind being on its own as long as it has a job to do. It is the perfect dog if used for its natural purpose, but it’s definitely not for the every day dog owner.

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Popular dogs in the Middle East

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Many people would think that the weather in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Qatar might be too hot for dogs so they are very rare in the region. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the circumstances are not ideal for breeding, dogs are increasingly popular in the Middle East.

The two main reasons why people in the Middle East own pets are protection and pleasure.

The classic protection breeds like the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are very popular, but there seems to be more and more demand for less known breeds such as the Cane Corso and Caucasian Mountain Dog. These breeds have a natural inclination to guard the territory they live in and the people they regard as family.  

The mighty Cane Corso

There is an important distinction to make between protection or guard dogs and watchdogs. While smaller breeds can also act as watchdogs to alert the family in case of danger, guard dogs must be big and intimidating enough to threaten the possible intruder to the point of retreat.

The second popular dog type in the Middle East is best described as family pets. This group includes the English and American Cocker Spaniel, who have been given the “Merry Cocker” nickname as they are continuously happy and wagging their tail. The one thing they have in common with other small or medium sized breeds such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maltese, Havanese or Bolognese, is that they can cheer you up just by their presence and they are great with children which makes them the perfect family pet.

The Cocker Spaniel alias Merry Cocker

Wherever you are in the world and whatever breed you may fall in love with, always make sure that you buy a healthy puppy with the necessary documents and vaccinations from a trusted source like Euro Puppy.

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World's Largest Dogs #8

Sandor Fagyal

Each Tuesday we will share a photo we received claiming to be the World’s Largest Dog. A lot of you might have seen these photos. We couldn’t verify the source so we leave it up to you to believe it or not. Photoshop can make look anything big. Let us know what you think. Have you seen any of these dogs in person? Do you have a photo that you want to share with us?

8) The Largest Caucasian Mountain Dog:
Caucasian is another breed which is frequently seen seen as one of the largest dogs in the world. By looking at the below photo, with the same effort you can make a Chihuahua look the largest dog in the world.

Largest Caucasian Mountain Dog

Do I need to ask?

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World's Largest Dogs #6

Sandor Fagyal

Each Tuesday we will share a photo we received claiming to be the World’s Largest Dog. A lot of you might have seen these photos. We couldn’t verify the source so we leave it up to you to believe it or not. Photoshop can make look anything big. Let us know what you think. Have you seen any of these dogs in person? Do you have a photo that you want to share with us?

6) The Largest Caucasian Mountain Dog:
Come on?!!! Is it really a question whether this photo is fake or not?! FAKE
Yes, Caucasian Mountain Dogs are big and the size of their heads can be huge. And they can be just as dangerous for intruders as their size suggests. Take my advise and do not ever try to go close to a Caucasian Mountain Dog unless the owner is present.

According to the breed standard they weight 45-72kg. I believe you can easily find CMDs close to 90kg.

World's Largest Dog

 Don’t forget to check back next week!

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The Caucasian Mountain Dog…The Ultimate Protection Dog….


This interesting documentary highlights the unbelievable character and protective streak of the “Beast from the East”: The Caucasian Mountain Dog.

Euro Puppy is proud to offer Caucasian Mountain Dog puppies for sale to dog lovers, who have experience in raising, training, socialising and loving large protective dog breeds. This breed is not for everyone. Only serious and experienced dog lovers can truly understand this rare, gorgeous and phenomenally misunderstood breed.

For more information on Caucasian Mountain Dog puppies for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give advice.

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