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10 Tips for Crate Training your Dog

August 26, 2010

It’s not difficult to teach your dog
happily settle in a crate, and to guide you, here are 10
tips for quick and effective crate training.

  1. Choose a suitable crate for your
    dog when he is fully grown. It may appear to be
    too large for your baby puppy, and will be more costly than a small
    crate, but your canine companion isn’t going to be that little
    forever.  Buying a big crate will spare you further expense in the
    future, because youwon’t need to purchase a larger crate when your
    dog grows out of his smaller crate.  Keep in mind as well where you
    plan on keeping the crate. Dog crate furniture provides an alternative to
    the wire and plastic crates typically purchased but serves as a
    piece of your furniture as well as a crate.

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