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Popular Paws # 19: Dalmatian

July 12, 2010


Dalmatian: Pongo, Perdita and Lucky from the 101 Dalmatians (1961, 1996)

101 Dalmatians was the title of the live-action film produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1996. It was a remake of the 1961 animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians , which in turn was based on Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel; also by the same name. The stars of the animated and live-action film include Pongo, Perdita and Lucky. Their adventures revolve around outwitting and escaping from the henchmen of Cruella de Ville, the maniac fur-collector, who hopes to make her dreams come true by slaying 101 dalmatian puppies. The light-hearted cartoon and movie had a sequel called 102 Dalmatians, which a lot believe didn’t even come close to the original. Released in 2000, the story continues as Cruella de Ville gets out of prison and goes after the puppies once more. Dalmatians with their unique coat of spots and playful disposition, have captured the hearts of many dog-lovers.


The spotted dog

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Dog Lamps # 7: Wacky or Tacky?


Every week Euro Puppy portrays 2 dog lamps. Is one wacky and the other one tacky? Are both wacky? Or both tacky? We will leave it up to you to decide. While having our own beliefs about them, we would love your comments…are they wacky or tacky? Enjoy….

Dog lamp # 1: This is a 15″ tall, solar energy dog lamp carrying a 4″ lantern. The light turns on automatically after dusk to add a colorful fun accent to your porch, patio or yard. It needs no wiring; it is powered by the sun; it is fast and easy to install; it is energy saving and it is ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available. It comes in all colors…..uhmm….and breeds!

Boxer Solar Energy Dog Lamp

Dalmatian Solar Energy Dog Lamp

Dog Lamp # 2: Abercrombie, the Dog Lamp from the Night Time Buddy™ collection adds a friendly, welcoming smile to any room and are great gifts for animal lovers of all ages. When illuminated, the Kumo paper emits a soft, colorful glow, making the lamps ideal for any child’s room. This unique novelty lamp features a metal frame, six foot cord with an in-line switch, and takes a 25 watt candelabra bulb.

Abercrombie The Dog lamp

So? Wacky or tacky? What do you think dear Dog lover?

Check out more wacky and tacky dog lamps that Euro Puppy has collected, under our category called: Dog Lamps.

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The dangers of Inbreeding – Dalmatians and hearing loss

Sandor Fagyal

Inbreeding of dogs is quite a significant problem. In the quest for getting the “Perfect Dog”, breeders try and wipe out variations within breeds, and this leads to a progressively smaller gene pool to choose from.


What this means, is that the pups that are born are more likely to have “defective” genes that manifest themselves as congenital conditions. That is why several thoroughbreds are not very healthy. I myself have lost a beloved dog – A German Shepherd named Candy – to a congenital defect when she was in the prime of her life at the age of three.

Almost one third of all Dalmatians suffer from hearing disability due to congenital birth defects. This is a significant problem, as one third is a huge percentage. It probably can’t be helped, but this fact should make people more sensitive to the issues that arise from Inbreeding and the detrimental effects it has on the health of the dog.

Naturally, this also leads to a higher incidence of deaths and lowers the average life expectancy of pure breed dogs. It’s very sad, and maybe what I’m trying to say is – don’t complain if your dog has a few inconsistencies (unless you plan to show him/her in a professional competition). Inconsistencies mean that your dog is probably more healthy than one that is “really pure”, and surely that is a small price to pay?

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What Is The Best Dog Breed?


Well, there are over 150 registered dog breeds. Apart from this, there are those that are purebred and not registered; designer-dogs and so many sizes, colors and temperaments of pavement specials that it is not an easy question to answer. Euro Puppy has done a bit of research. We collected 20 comments and made an analysis at the end of it:

•“It depends on a person who likes the dog…but for me, any breed as long as it makes you feel comfortable and can make it as your best friend.”
•“The Border Collie is a truly great family dog and demonstrably is the most trainable for commands.”
•“The Japanese Akita, besides being fiercely loyal, is definitely the strongest animal to protect your children against stray bears.”
•“A wild mix of a shepherd dog with real wolf, or the coyote with a Keeshond! These wild mixes are truly the most perspicacious (keenly aware) due to their inherent advanced outdoor awareness (with a notably higher neurological brain stem) than any domesticated dog.”
•“If you’re truly an animal lover, it doesn’t matter about which breed is the best.”
•“They are ALL the best.”
•“I have a French bulldog and I love that breed! I am not sure that I will ever have any dog after I lose this one, but if I do, that will be a French bulldog as well.”
•“The best breed of dog for you depends on the distinctive characteristics that are important to you, the amount of time you can dedicate to the dog, the space available for the dog, your patience, type of food you lavish on the dog etc. Always think long-term when looking for a dog. A puppy that you have today will have different needs when it grows up. If you live in a apartment don’t choose a energetic dog like a lab retriever. These dogs need lots of exercise and a decent amount of space to move around.”
•“Golden Retrievers. They have everything Labradors have but are better looking with shinier fur!”
•“Labradors. They’re super friendly, playful, easy to train, and friendly with children. They’re also cute, and are a lot more fun than little Paris Hilton-ish purse dogs.”
•“Weiners! They’re Hilarious.”
•“How big is your house? How big is your family? Do you have children? These and many other questions need to be answered to pick the right dog breed. However, a dog’s personality is not only due to its breed, and mixes are usually better for many reasons. Go by a shelter and ask around. They will help you pick the best dog for your situation.”

(please read further)

•“I have a Beagle and a Jack Russell. The Jack Russell is very energetic. If you can handle that, they are very loyal and very loving dogs. The Beagle I have is very calm and will keep my Jack Russell busy when he is bored. I wouldn’t ever just have a Jack Russell without another dog that is a calm dog.”
•“I think you should go to the local supermarket and buy the cutest stuffed puppy you can find. No poop, no chewing, no begging.”
•“A Yorkshire terrier. They are hard to potty train but after that they can be some of the best dogs.”
•“The best “breeds” are mutts. They suffer none of the inbreeding weaknesses of purebreds, such as the common hip problems of German Shepherds and other large dogs, or the nervous yapping of small dogs. Mutts rule!”
•“Beagles are the absolute best. They are very loyal to their owners, yet are inquisitive and will follow the scents of anything that intrigues them. You must want a dog that has his own personality and treat them with respect and quite a lot of discipline, and you will not be disappointed.”
•“I like Dalmatians. They are so cute and have a wonderful personality.”
•“Personally, I prefer the English Springer Spaniel. However, every breed has its good points and it’s bad. It is important to find a breed that you like. I would suggest reviewing the good and bad points of different breeds.”
•”Many people nowadays go to rescue places to get a dog. A Friend of mine rescued a purebred greyhound that had outlived his usefulness as a racing dog, so was going to be put to sleep. He loves the dog, and the dog adjusted quickly to the family, including two boys about 5 and 8. They don’t shed much, and are kind of big, but not threatening.”

So What is the bottom line? There was no one same answer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder it seems. Why? Well….it all depends on:

-your personality and temperament
-your needs
-your taste
-your lifestyle
-your place of residence
-your health
-your age

All dogs are precious and every single breed can make your life special. Just look around first; research them and choose the one that makes your smile the widest. At Euro Puppy we have an extensive list of breed infos that can help you answer the question the best.

So….what is your favorite dog breed?

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