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Popular Paws # 31: Norfolk Terrier

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Eric Banks – Child turned Norfolk Terrier

In Allan Ahlberg’s delightful book “Woof!”, 10 year old Eric Banks is magically transformed into a Norfolk Terrier. The book explains life through they eyes of a dog and when he becomes a boy, he has to prepare for it to happen again!

This children’s book is well known in modern day literature, as Eric soon finds out that all is not well. The style of writing is very curious as Alhberg tries to mingle the thought processes of a dog with that of a boy!

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terriers are said to be completely fearless despite being the smallest of the working terriers. True to the terrier form, they enjoy chasing down small prey like mice and rats. They enjoy being in regular contact with humans throughout and make excellent pets.

Norfolk puppies are in great demand due to these qualities.

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Popular Paws # 8: Beagle

July 12, 2010

Beagle: Snoopy, the dog of Charley Brown (created by Charles M. Schultz.) (1950 – )

Snoopy is a fictional character in the long-running comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. He is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle. Snoopy began his life in the strip as a fairly ordinary dog, but eventually evolved into perhaps the strip’s most dynamic character—and among the most recognizable dog characters in the world of comics. The original drawings of Snoopy were based on Schulz’s childhood dogs, Snooky and Spike. Animation producer Bill Melendez voiced both Snoopy and (eventually) Woodstock in numerous television specials from 1965 to 2006.

Snoopy the beagle

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Popular Paws # 4: American Pitbull Terrier

July 12, 2010

American Pitbull Terrier: “Arnold”, from the Loony Toons.

“Arnold” the American Pitbull is a supporting character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He’s a white Pitbull Terrier, who is very muscular and wears a pair of shades. He is one of the few characters on Tiny Toons, although not directly modelled after another existing Warner Brothers character…


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Popular Paws # 5: Akita Inu

July 12, 2010

Akita Inu: “Gin” from Silver Fang (1986)

This is a story of an Akita Inu pup called Gin (Japanese for “silver”) who leaves his owner, to join a pack of dogs. The pack gathers strong dogs from all over Japan to fight a deranged bear and his minions. The Japanese Cartoon: Silver Fang, was inspired by a news article which told of hunting dogs that had been abandoned by their masters and had begun living as wild animals…

Akita Inu:Gin

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Walkin the dog

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal


A little girl asked her Mom, ‘Mom, may I take the dog for a walk around the block?’
Mom replies, ‘No, because she is in heat.’
‘What’s that mean?’ asked the child.
‘Go ask your father. I think he’s in the garage.’
The little girl goes to the garage and says, ‘Dad, may I take Belle for a walk around the block? I asked Mom, but she said the dog was in heat, and to come to you.’
Dad said, ‘Bring Belle over here.’ He took a rag, soaked it with gasoline, And scrubbed the dog’s backside with it to disguise the scent, and said ‘OK, you can go now, but keep Belle on the leash and Only go one time round the block.’ The little girl left and returned a few minutes later with no dog on the leash.

dog & little girl

Surprised, Dad asked, ‘Where’s Belle?’ (YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS!!!)

The little girl said, ‘She ran out of gas about halfway down the block,
So another dog is pushing her home.’

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