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This Month’s Dog Q & A

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Question: Dog Cruelty & Injured Pets – Questions from a California Dog Owner

“I know of two possible times of animal cruelty where the dogs have been abused by the owner by kicking, beating with a belt, under-feeding, etc. This really disturbs me as I have always loved animals. I need to take some kind of action if I knew what I could do. I know that the Humane Society might not be of much help in this type of situation, and if they were, might take similar steps to that of the pound. So therefore, I do not believe the dogs would be much better off.”

“My second question is about injured animals. What can I do one sees an injured animal along side the road? Once again, I would love to help but have heard so much about how the city likes to throw animals into pounds and how they fail to treat injured dogs and cats. Do you have any advice on how a person should handle a situation like this?”

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