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How to select safe dog toys!

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

I wonder how dog owners buy dog toys for their beloved furry friends. Honestly, I never really paid attention whether a toy is safe for a dog or not. The primary aim has always been that my dog should enjoy playing with it. One of the most popular games is “throw and fetch”. A tennis ball will do it. Yet, there are several custom designed dog balls out there. Would you believe that some of those toys can kill your dog?

I recently stumbled upon a fellow dog fancier’s blog – EuroDogTraining Blog – and read an article “Dangerous toy“.

“a 10 year old labrador mix named Chai was playing with this toy when his tongue got stuck in the hole of the ball, leading to the amputation of his tongue. While chewing on the toy, a vacuum was created which sucked his tongue into the hole of the ball.”

Please read the story above by following the link. Next time, you go to buy a toy for your dog you will remember to research which are safe toys for your dog.

on a personal level: I recently spent 4 days in Brussels and enjoyed it. Beautiful city with excellent restaurants, food and hundreds of good beer! Sorry, I didn’t taste any famous Belgian Chocolates…

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