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12 Best Big Dogs for Kids – Find the Perfect Dog for Your Family

December 2, 2014
Sandor Fagyal

​ There is often a recurring notion that large breed dogs and children don’t mix. However, it’s a broad statement to imply that large dogs are unsafe around kids. It really comes down to the specific breed and the training the canine receives. Now, it’s true that there are certainly breeds that inherently pose some […]

Fighting Dogs vs. Guard Dogs…

July 12, 2010

Fighting Dogs are a perplexing group of dogs to comment on. The majority of them are loving pets with adults and children. The problem is that when they go awry, they are exceptionally dangerous because when they bite, they hold on with exceptional determination and won’t let go. They also have the inclination to lose their loving nature when they enter a pack of dogs more aggressive than themselves. Exceptions are Boxers, Bulldogs and Bostons who seem to have lost their fighting and negative traits. Do not purchase puppies when either parent is aloof or distrusting! If you purchase one of these breeds, accept the fact that it may never get on well with other dogs and may eat cats, birds, etc. Early socialization is a MUST for these breeds. Some Fighter Dog breeds include:

-Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
-American Pit Bull Terrier
-American Staffordshire Terrier
-American Bulldog
-Bull Terrier
-English Bull Mastiff
-English Bulldog
-Olde English Bulldog
-Boston Terrier
-French Bulldog

Guard Dogs are just what their name implies. They guard you and your children from perceived threats by barking and/or biting. A good-tempered dog of this class will differentiate the mailman, garbage-man, your guests, relatives, your children’s wild playmates and the veterinarian from burglars. Unfortunately some make the wrong decision. You need to be strongly assertive and in charge with these breeds so they look to you for decisions regarding strangers. If your wife or husband is passive or submissive to dogs, do not purchase one of these breeds. Passive or submissive people rarely overcome this problem by attending dog obedience school. Like with fighting dogs, these dogs also need early socialization as puppies. Some of these dogs have aggressive temperaments that make them undesirable as pets. Chow Chows, Akitas, Great Danes and large Rottweilers are not known for their long life spans. With the exception of Danes and Alsatians, these dogs are also prone to eyelid defects. Be sure to check the parents’ eyes for inflammation, squinting and infection and ask if corrective eyelid surgery was performed on either parent. Some Guard Dog breeds include:

-Akita Inu
-Asian Mastiff (Dosa)
-Chow Chow
-Great Dane
-English Mastiff
-Pyrenese Mastiff
-Shar-Pei (Chinese Shar-Pei)
-Tibetian Mastiff
-Argentinian Dogo (Dogo Argentino, Argentinian Mastiff)

What do these 2 groups have in common? Well, fighter dogs make good guard dogs as well due to their temperament and territoriality; while a lot of the guard dog breeds can be excellent fighter breeds due to their latent aggression as well. Both need early socialiation and professional obedience training to become balanced and loving pets.

Two dogs fighting

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