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An Apple and a Rose can get you a Puppy this Valentine’s Day!

July 12, 2010

Your Dream Puppy Can Become a Reality If You Are the Owner of an Apple iPod…

When you think of the word dog, do you think of an iPod? No? I didn’t think so. Ok, so when you think of an iPod, do you think of a dog with a rose in his mouth? What???? You do? No, seriously, of course you don’t! Well now you can. Things have never been this hot and romantic at Euro Puppy. If you are into gadgets and dogs, and you consider yourself a romantic as well, then you can now “shuffle” your feet to a different rhythm this Valentine’s Day! At Euro Puppy we have news for all dog lovers, who also happen of be fans of the Apple iPod. This Valentine’s Day, you can buy puppy-love in the real sense of the word.

Euro Puppy, your key connection in champion-line, purebred puppies and dogs, is excited this Valentine’s Day, since we offer a $100 discount on every puppy that captured your heart. All you have to do is send us a photo of your Valentine with your Apple iPod and receive an instant $100 discount! We offer a further $100 refund on any puppy purchased with a Lifetime Guarantee. All you have to do for this phenomenal offer is to send us a photo of your purchased puppy holding a red rose in his mouth while being held by your Valentine. That is $200 we are talking about!!

Shopping for Valentine’s Day has never been this unique or original. Your Podcast loving pooch with a rose in his mouth can get you another tail wag that is sure to bring puppy love into your home, and your loved one into your arms. So don’t miss another heartbeat. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, contact us and your dream puppy can become a reality. The best photos sent to us, will be proudly posted on our puppy Blog!

Valentine's Day!

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