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Who said size didn't matter?

November 18, 2010

No matter what you have been told, size does matter – at least when it comes to Bulldogs. In fact, the smaller the Bulldog, the better. More people are looking for “Mini Bulldogs” than they are for Bulldogs. The reason for this could be that people love lapdogs, but want to have a brave and [...]

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Miniature Bulldog or Mini English Bulldog?

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

So, just what is a Miniature Bulldog? As there is often a grey area here, it’s Important you know that there are Mini Bulldogs, and then there are Mini English Bulldogs. These types should not be confused with each other! The former being a cross/mix breed (Bulldog with Pug, Boston Terrier or/and French Bulldog) and [...]

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5 Reasons one should buy a Mini Bulldog

July 12, 2010

Purchasing a Mini Bulldog is not an easy feat for anyone’s pocket. Reputable breeders pin a price tag anywhere from $2,950 to $3,450. But before one jumps to making decisions simply based on price, here are some facts to help in making an educated and informed choice. 1) Obedience: The loyalty and obedience of the [...]

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