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Now You Can Have Top-Quality, Purebred Puppies in Spain As Well!

July 12, 2010

Very few dog-lovers know how to get quality, well cared-for puppies in Spain. There is a large group of Spanish-speaking dog-lovers who have found Euro Puppy, the premier provider of puppies from champion-bloodlines. Euro Puppy has also introduced a Spanish version of the Euro Puppy website to cater for the Spanish-speaking community as well. With Euro Puppy, being located in the heart of Europe, dog lovers living in Spain have the opportunity to import pure-bred, champion-line dogs and puppies directly from top Hungarian and European breeders. It all happens without the added hassles, since Euro Puppy takes care of all the paperwork and the shipping of the puppies and dogs as well!

Spaniards love dogs!

The love for dogs and their popularity is not a new phenomenon in Spain. Native Spanish dog breeds include the the Spanish Greyhound, the Spanish Hound, the Spanish Mastiff, the Alano Espanol, the Perro de Torro and the Spanish Water Dog, which- while may not be all that well-known – only shows that Spain is a country that places a great importance on dog breeding. Aside from these native breeds more and more breeds of the highest quality are being imported into Spain. Spanish dog lovers have always had a need for dogs that have great breeding and showing potential. Now champion-line, pure-bred puppies and dogs are available to them at Euro Puppy. Puppies from an unmatchable network of breeders has been offered to them from the heart of Europe! Puppies for sale via the internet means less hassle, and more quality…delivered right on the doorsteps of Spaniards! All breeders undergo strict quality control; and a staff veterinarian examines all the puppies before they are shipped. Euro Puppy has strict anti-scam programs that make it a highly-respected and trustworthy puppy-finder company. Every puppy comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and payment is done under strict and controlled means. Needs are catered for around the globe…with Spain being no exception! So forget the Bullfights for now!The latest craze to hit Spain full force comes with the cutest, healthiest and socialized puppies from the heart of Europe! OLÉ!

Forget the Bullfights! Dogs Rule in Spain!

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