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Swine Flu – How Does It Affect Your Dog?

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Many dog owners are – understandably – concerned about the fast-developing swine fever emergency. The most common question being asked is – can my dog catch it? The answer is probably not.

The fact that no definitive answers are yet available is not surprising given the fast-moving events. The H1N1 strain of flu that has emerged from Mexico is a complex virus and may well mutate and develop as it travels around the world. This makes it very difficult for medical scientists to give any absolute answers. What is known, however, is that, while dogs can develop influenza via a Type A H3N8 virus there is no evidence of th e illness passing between them and humans or vice versa.
America’s Governmental health organisation, the CDC, which is overseeing the outbreak has this to say about dogs:

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