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What Everybody Ought to Know About Flyball…the Ultimate Dog Sport!


Euro Puppy is fascinated by Flyball… What is Flyball? Well, Flyball is a relay dog sport in which teams of four dogs run a race against each other from a start to finish line. They have to jump over a line of hurdles, to reach a box. When the dog presses this spring-loaded box-pad, a tennis ball is released and caught by the dog. The dogs then run back over the hurdles once more; to their handlers while carrying the ball. Flyball was invented in California in the 1970s, and mostly took off during the 1980s when the first flyball organization, the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) was created. Their aim was to promote the sport and to design uniform competition rules. A second for-profit organization has emerged in the last few years. They go by the name of United Flyball League International (U-FLI). There may be slight changes in the rules in the US, the UK and New Zealand, where Flyball is very popular.

A Flyball course consists of four hurdles placed 10 feet (3 m) apart from each other, with the starting line 6 feet (1.8 m) from the first hurdle. The flyball box is placed 15 feet (4.5 m) after the last hurdle. This creates a 51-foot (15.5 m) track length. The hurdle height is determined by the shoulder height of the smallest dog in the team. The North American Flyball Association stipulates that that hurdle height should be 4 inches (10 cm) below the withers height of the smallest dog, to a height of no less than 7 inches (20.3 cm) and no greater than 14 inches (40.6 cm). Each dog must return its ball all the way across the start line before the next dog crosses. Ideal running is nose-to-nose at the start line. The winning team is the one that has all four dogs cross the finish line without an error. If the ball is dropped or the next relay dog is released too early, teams are penalized.

Flyball is one of the non-hunting dog sports in which dogs are essentially pet dogs with a hobby, rather than dedicated sporting or working dogs. Flyball is not limited to the size of the breed since smaller dogs such as Whippets and Parson Russell Terriers have also been known to compete with great success in mixed-breed teams, which consist of various sizes and breeds. Smaller dogs are often a happy addition, since the hurdle height is based on the height of the smallest dog. Smaller dogs’ only disadvantage may be that they have to fully jump on the release-pad, to release the ball. One of the reasons that Flyball is so popular is due to the fact that it is one of the dog sports that mixed-breed dogs are also allowed to play. Rescued Pavement-Specials are given the chance to shine next to their purebred canine friends. Herding dogs, like Border Collies currently dominate the courses; although many champion teams have mutts on them. Even a Shar-Pei has been known to be a champion at Flyball! Flyball enables owners and dogs to actively interact with each other. It is not only fun, but the dogs are allowed to enjoy exercise and praise. For dogs with a high drive to work; like the Border Collies and Terriers, it is an especially great way to burn off energy. These days there are many dedicated people who have created teams and portals of useful information on the internet, so that lovers of Flyball can unite in their experiences. One of these can be viewed on i-flyball. Many interesting facts can be viewed here, with also a list of Flyball Associations around the globe. For more fun information, check out this video on Flyball!

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World's Ugliest Dog:


On 23 June 2007,Elwood, a two-year-old Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix, was crowned the world’s ugliest dog. Elwood, dark coloured and hairless – save for a mohawk-like puff of white fur on his head – is often referred to as Yoda or ET, for his resemblance to those famous science fiction characters. He was placed second last year. Most of the competing canines were also Chinese Crested, a breed that features a mohawk, bug eyes and a long, wagging tongue. Beyond the regal title of ugliest dog, Elwood also earned a $US1000 reward for his owner.


Click here to see a Youtube video of Elwood!


Had Li’l Sam not gone to Doggy Heaven, surely, the previous three-time world champion, a 14-year-old Chinese Crested would have won again. Li’l Sam passed away shortly after last year’s contest. He was 14yrs old ( x7 = 98 human years! ). His appearance created a lot of controversy but he maintained his regular crowd of admirers and haters. In all fairness to Li’l Sam, how do you think you would look when you are 98 years old and naked?? Not any better than this – I’m sure…. R.I.P Li’l Sam.

Li'l Sam

Click here to see a Youtube video of Li’l Sam!

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World's Tallest Dog:


World’s tallest dog….. The tallest dog on record was a Great Dane, named Shamgret Danzas. He was 42 inches (1 meter 7 cm) tall at the shoulder and weighed 238 lbs (108 Kg).

And so we are believers…..

and so we are believers....

These days however, the record of the World’s tallest dog is held by Gibson, also a Great Dane. Check out the Youtube video of him!

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Puppy arriving in Qatar

Sandor Fagyal

Finding the breed of dog you would like and having it join you in Qatar has always been a little tricky. However, Euro Puppy has always been able to assist and make dreams come true as can be seen on this cute video.

Coco with his new family in Qatar.

Often a local vet service in Doha is used to help make the process even more simple as an import permit is needed. Doha Veterinary and the Qatar Veterinary Centre are just two that have professionally helped our customers before.

Euro Puppy Welcomes A Wonderful New Dog Breed!


The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog:

Nestled within the mysterious mountains of Transylvania and Romania, a rare and wonderful creature has been the companion of proud Romanians for hundreds of years! This rather unusual and generally-unheard of dog is new to both the world and to Euro Puppy! The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog is a breed of large sheep dogs that originates from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Celtic and Tartaric tribes that came to the East brought this cool canine with them and it found a home amongst the Shepherds that even today live in the Transylvanian Mountains. This massive dog – which was officially recognized by the FCI in 2005 – is covered in thick, fluffy white or grayish fur. The eyes are slightly oval and are of a beautiful amber hue that creates a stunning contrast to the pale fur. They look like huge teddy bears!

Mioritic Puppy

Despite their massive stature, Mioritics are extremely agile, and their main assignment was- and remains- to guard and protect their owner’s property. This breed has one of the best personalities, and they remain calm, vivid, well-balanced, alert and vigilant guard-dogs and pets. They are loyal and loving dogs to their masters, while remaining aloof with strangers. They are very resistant to diseases and climatic changes and they are quick learners and keen observers. The Mioritic’s background and temperament make this breed the happiest, when outside. They have an insatiable need for exercise and playfulness. An exciting new addition to Euro Puppy, this rare, jovial and massive dog will get its own space on the Euro Puppy Website. The gorgeous new litter being born in the next few days, will make it a special and much-awaited addition. And you thought only Dracula came from Transylvania?! It seems there are still wonders left in the world!

Mioritic Shepherd Dog

A Youtube video showing a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog:

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