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How To Choose The Right Puppy for the Gulf Climate

December 31, 2014
Sandor Fagyal

Table of Contents 1. The Basics stuff to know about buying a puppy in the Middle East Heat Culture Exercise Travel restrictions and health issues 2. Dogs native to the Middle East Saluki Caanan Dog Pharoh Hound 3. Dogs suited to the Middle Eastern climate Cairn Terrier Chihuahua Doberman Pinscher Vizsla Beagle Whippet Dogs are […]

Dog Lamps #28: Wacky or Tacky?

July 12, 2010
Sandor Fagyal

Every week Euro Puppy showcases a dog lamp. Is it tacky or wacky? We will leave it up to you to decide. While having our own beliefs, we would love your comments…Enjoy….

Silver Dog Lamp – Mother with pup

This lovely silver dog lamps shows a Whippet Mother who looks as if she’s chastising her pup. The lamp is large – over 2 feet, though the actual dog figurines are just about a foot tall.

It’s expensive though. Selling for just shy of $1500, it’s not something that anyone can just pick off the shelf apart from collectors. It is rather splendid though.

Silver Dog Lamp
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The Whippet is a breed of dog belonging to the sighthound group. They have very little fur, and are great as apartment dogs. Interestingly, the males are as unaggressive as the females.

So? Wacky or tacky? What do you think dear Dog lover?

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The World’s Worst Genetic Mutation in a Dog:

July 12, 2010

No, this dog does not have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s genes and no ….she hasn’t even spent a day at the gym. That’s right. She. Meet Wendy. The Whippet. Not exactly the most feminine representative of her breed, Wendy is a result of a genetic mutation. I first thought she was the best altered digital photo of the century, but (sadly?) she is real! Wendy – the dog whose appearance is a long way from the usual long, lean and sleek look of her breed- lives on a farm in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada and is what scientists refer to as : “ double-muscled” or a ” Bully Whippet”. Due to the genetic defect, nature rewarded her with twice the muscle size compared to the other representatives of her breed. Resembling the cross between Schwarzenegger and the Incredible Hulk, Wendy still has the heart, lungs and head of a normal-sized Whippet. Only her musculature is twice that of her breed.


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