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Feel free to browse the many hundreds of testimonials we have received from happy dog owners all over the world. This, of course, would not have been possible without the awesome breeders we work with. The letters below reflect all the love and care they put into breeding and raising their puppies. The service we provide is the cherry on the cake.

Hello Eddie,

And here some impressions from my sweet home



Gudrun Wieselthaler

Hi Eddie! Here some pictures of our sweetheart Poppy. We love her so much. She is so lovely.

Thanks for all.


Vienna, Austria

Gudrun Wieselthaler

Hello Eddie,

the dogs are fine. They are getting bigger every day! They love playing in the snow and they follow us everywere :)

I have send some pictures but i will make some more soon.

Kind regards


Heike Nixdorf & Mario Karner (Jenny)

Hi Eddie,

Very Good News!

Today 24.09.08 the Kennel Paper arrived!

Thank you again for the perfect supportand the time being there when

Attached some more pics of our Wotan and Alice, taken just a week ago.

We'll keep you updated of here developments, she's doing great!

Take care

Best regards from Austria

Claudia & Werner and all other family members too