Labrador Retriever in Manama, Bahrain

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Dear Steve ,
She has been rechristened as Zsa Zsa !

Your the best!!
Kind Regards
Padmanabhan Nair

Hi Eddie, I just went to see Jasmine at the airport and gave her a meal. She was super hungry! She finished it in 20 seconds..Tomorrow morning I have to go again to meet the vet as the vet duty is up to 9pm only.

Then quarantine for rabies test. She'll be home and settled by 11am. She looks better than the pictures!! Thank you very much Eddie.

People warned me that Europuppy dogs look better in the picture, however I found the opposite to be true.(Include this in your site) ;)

Proud choc. lab owner,

Nawaf, Manama, Bahrain

Nawaf Alkhateeb

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