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Feel free to browse the many hundreds of testimonials we have received from happy dog owners all over the world. This, of course, would not have been possible without the awesome Mudi breeders we work with. The letters below reflect all the love and care they put into breeding and raising their puppies. The service we provide is the cherry on the cake.

Hi Eddie,

Mopar is doing so well, he's beautiful, loving, playful, funny, active, well alert, all around wonderful. We're very pleased with him. He looked very happy when he saw us. He did show a little caution when Gary opened the crate to get him out, but as soon as he was out of that crate, he was very happy. We were playing with him in the park lot, next to our car and he was jumping around wagging his little tail. He took a nice health dump...was very happy about that and then went left for home. He slept in my arms for about an hour. Gary stopped at a rest stop about 1/2 hour from home so Mopar could stretch and go to the bathroom (which he did). Then when Gary started driving home, Mopar climbed out of my lap into Gary's, and stayed there till we reached our house.

He had his 1st Vet check today and passed with an A+. I need to know if you require a copy of the Vets 1st report; if so, how can I get that to you? Here's some pictures of Mopar on the way home yesterday; I hope they all come thru.

Thank you very much and we'll talk soon.


Gary & Barbara Curtis

Dear Sandor,

Thank you again for finding us our beautiful Hungarian Mudi puppy "Motyo".

As you are aware, I spent months researching breeds to find a breed of dog which would fit what we were looking for. We live on a piece of property inhabited by a lot of wildlife, so we wanted a smaller, non-aggressive dog, high in intelligence. We also were not sure whether we would be training the dog for agility or search and rescue, so we wanted a versatile dog. The Mudi seemed to be the perfect fit for us. The only problem was that Mudis are very rare and are rarely found outside Hungary. This is what led us to you and our request of you to help us in locating one of these dogs.

Within about one week of my contacting you, not only had you found a beautiful Mudi puppy exactly matching the description I gave you, but one with champion working parents, from a Silver Medal kennel. You sent us pictures of not only her, but her mother also. It was less than a week later and she was in our home, instantly becoming a treasured member of our family.

I want you to know that little Motyo has far exceeded our expectations. It is a complete mystery why such a sweet and intelligent dog is rare. She has a wonderful disposition, and everyone who comes in contact with her has fallen in love with her immediately. She is very gentle with other animals, domestic and wild alike. She loves to run, jump and play in the water. Mudis are known to be quick to bark and knowing this, we have spent extra time addressing noises and carefully socializing her. This has been a fairly simple task, as she learns very quickly.

I would like to say that I found the breed description on your web site very accurate; although, you fail to mention how adorable these dogs are. I would highly recommend this breed to anyone who has experience raising intelligent dogs, and has the time necessary to spend with them. They do need room to run, and respond very well to kind treatment and gentle commands.

To anyone who makes that decision, I recommend both you and the breeder. It is obvious to us that she came from a loving home and was well cared for.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your quick response to all of my questions was really appreciated. Thank you again for all of your help and for sharing one of Hungary's best kept secrets with us!


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