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Feel free to browse the many hundreds of testimonials we have received from happy dog owners all over the world. This, of course, would not have been possible without the awesome breeders we work with. The letters below reflect all the love and care they put into breeding and raising their puppies. The service we provide is the cherry on the cake.

Dear Steve

Charley arrived safely yesterday morning, he was surprisingly alert and playful and was very happy to get out of his crate and see us!

He did not sleep all day and just wants to play, he follows us everywhere and we are very happy as he is cute and funny. He has visited the vets today and has all is ok

So thank you very much as we are very pleased with our lovely Havanese...

Charley say's 'hi' and sends you a photo.

Kind Regards

Anita & Eddy Markieiwcz

Hi Steve,

As promised, here are some photos of Angel, now named Sophie.

She has settled in wonderfully with us, and with our other Maltese, Dusty, who we also bought from Europuppy two years ago. They have been playing together so well.

Sophie visited the vet today and, unsurprisingly, was given a clean bill of health. The vet was very impressed with how well she had coped with the travel, as she is eating and drinking completely normally.

Carlee Jean Brown

Hi Steve,

Cimeron has arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for all your help.

So nice to have a little puppy around again!

We have booked him in to see the vet tomorrow at 4pm

Kind Regards

Sarah Hooper

Benn & Sarah Hooper

Hello Steve my friend

How are u today mate.Its been a while since I last contacted you and I wanted to let you know that both Amadeus and Julia are doing great.

Amadeus survived his fever and is back in shape

Both of em are doing great and I thank you and your website for providing me with one of the best dogs.

Thank you Steve.

Shehryar Khan

Hi Steve,

Here are few photos from Micro He ate and is already adjusting.

He loves his new bed and toys. I will send more photos later.

Please thank the breeder for taking good care of him on my behalf

Thanks Elizas

Eliza Siqueira Artiaga

Hi Steve,

I received the puppy yesterday evening..what a puppy!! -

Excellent decision choosing Move One. They are very professional and went above and beyond ensuring safe delivery of the puppy. They even walked the puppy for me until I arrived to pick him up! - The crate used was brand new, super clean and in excellent condition. - The puppy was also super clean and healthy. It shows that the breeder took super care of him. -

Steve ! he is a wonderful boy,

'Im really glad and happy this time :)

He seems to be healthy with no problems, he started playing with my other dogs after the first 2 minutes :D

Tomorrow ill take him for a vet check up and ill update you.

Every body is crazy about him

Fares Mansour Nasser

Hi Steve & Eddie.

Mercy is a lovely girl and I'm just delighted to be a dog owner again - think she'll be getting house clean in coming week.

She's becoming attached - follows me to bathroom and kitchen - even if just 2 minutes, she prefers to be very close. She also loves snuggling up in her sleep if I'm reading w her little head next to mine and paws on my chest (I love the feeling of her soft breaths coming through her little nostrils).

Hi Steve,

Here are some pictures of Hooch(Dragon)

He is an amazing dog, very loving and playful.

We are so happy with him.

Thank you very much.

All the best
Profound regards
Yousef Omer Fittiani

Hi there Steve

Diego arrived safely at 5am this morning.

He was happy to come and of his crate and have a play. He loved running around in the backyard with the girls.. and the girls adore him! We think he has a friendly, outgoing and placid nature.

We are truly grateful for such a wonderful bundle of joy! I'll send some more photos soon of the whole family.

Cheers Ren