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Feel free to browse the many hundreds of testimonials we have received from happy dog owners all over the world. This, of course, would not have been possible without the awesome breeders we work with. The letters below reflect all the love and care they put into breeding and raising their puppies. The service we provide is the cherry on the cake.

Chibes was having fun with snow up at his ranch over this Thanksgiving
weekend. He is a great healthy pup. Am glad to have him with us. Thank you!


Good evening Eddie

at last I have a minute to drop you a line regarding the arrival of Dixie. She arrived in great form despite the flight, which seems not have bothered her at all.She has settled really well in her new home and is a bundle of fun. We had our first visit to the vet and will send a copy of her certificate. We are very pleased with the service we received from Europuppy, but not as pleased as my daughter Josephine who after years of hoping and asking, finally has her longed for puppy. Thanks again. Lucia

Lucia & Ken Campbell

dear eddie.

here r some fotos to kisa she is happy and having fun with other caucasian puppies i feed her royal canin dry food towice aday and one time chicken thank u and plz thank the breeder for me for being care about her :)

Mohamed Rahmo

Dear Eddie,

Attached are photos of Frodo and Sandy.  They are beautiful, calm and well adjusted.  Frodo has been the easiest dog I have ever house trained and I thought Sandy was easy.  Please let the 2 Havanese breeders that produced our puppies know how impressed we are with them.  And of course, a big thank you to you all at Europuppy for bringing us together and making the transition between countries so effortless.


Dana Lutton

Our Transylvanian Hound is now a few days shy of four months and she is fantastic. She is gorgeous, smart and defiant. She is taking obedience classes and impresses us and the trainer with her quick learning.
Thanks again for making this hapen!

Dear Eddie,
We have finaly receieved Vibe, now called Minnie!  Where to start, first of all me and my wife thank you for your profesionlisim!
We are so happy with Minnie, amazing puppy!  The minute we saw her she was so playful, we couldnt have wanted a more perfect dog!
Thank you so much again!
Best regards,
Issam & Marlene Soufan

Issam Soufan

I just wanted give you guys at  EuroPuppy a quick update on Chelsea. 

I purchased Chelsea, a miniature English  Bulldog this past Feb. She weighs about 40lbs now and is strong, playful and  healthy, I could not ask for a better dog! She has been the best puppy  throughout this almost first year. She has never once cried or whined, has a  head full of sense and was very easy to train. She is without a doubt the  sweetest thing in the world to everyone and absolutely adores children. 

Hi Eddie

Thank you for a dog. He is ok. We are very happy:)

Dear Eddie,

Our french bulldog puppy arrived safe and sound, and despite flight delays, he was still in high spirits upon arrival.  He is a sweet, playful little pup, and my two sons fell in love with him at first sight!  It is very obvious that this puppy was socialized and treated well before we adopted him. Thank you for helping us find the perfect dog for us!

in Kenya

Ondrea & Brent Willis


I wanted to share a picture of Thor (Rocco) with you. He wears teams
jerseys to my daughter's soccer games.  He is awesome and we are so happy he is a part of our family. Thank you for all of your help.

Tina Crowley