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Feel free to browse the many hundreds of testimonials we have received from happy dog owners all over the world. This, of course, would not have been possible without the awesome breeders we work with. The letters below reflect all the love and care they put into breeding and raising their puppies. The service we provide is the cherry on the cake.


It's me again, writing to tell you what an AWESOME puppy this is!!! If I had known just how nice she is, I would have taken out a loan to get her sister! This is the best pup we've gotten from you. We couldn't be more happy with her than we are. :o)
THIS girl looks like a show prospect if I ever saw one.

Now, I need to ask yet another favor from you. Is there any way you can let me know when this same breeder has other pups available? We promise we'll make sure our durn bank sends everything in USD. <:0)

John & Sheryl Kobel


I was just sending some pictures your way of our baby, Blanche. She is very short and stocky. Everyone loves her and some friends of our have some French, but they don't look nothing like her. Let me know what you think of her. If you have any good looking males send them our way. Can you email the pictures to the breeder of can I have the email address to put on my computer and I will send him pictures when I send you yours.

Thanks so much.

Johni and Brad Adkisson

Johni and Brad Adkisson

I have seven cavaliers and have been breeding dogs for awhile. When I found Sandor on the web site I really liked the quality of the dogs he had for sale.I bought two solids from him. I was worried about flying them so far, but they did great.I think buying two made the flight easier then buying one. The airline was super and even let us shower them off upon arrival, and gave us clean towels to wrap them in. One of the best things about dealing with Sandor was, no matter how many questions I had, he always quickly returned my e-mail.


I can't thank you enough for all that you have done to get this beautiful girl to me, I appreciate you and the quality of service that your company provides. Buying a puppy from so far away, is a really scary decision, but you always made me feel comfortable, and at ease.


I must write to you and tell you what a satisfying experience getting a puppy from EuroPuppy has been! I can't remember a time when an entire procedure has run so smoothly. Of course there was a bit of hesitation before I contacted you; I had been warned by several well-meaning friends that I didn't know what I might be getting into! Were they ever wrong!! First of all, I want to express my gratitude to you for my beautiful "Bella,"; and second, to let anyone reading this know that he or she should not have one moment's concern about writing EuroPuppy (and therefore, you) about purchasing what will become one of the greatest blessings ever.
You fully informed me of every aspect of this professional transaction, and any question I had was readily answered. The patience you exhibited in dealing with me (a woman of questionable decision-making abilities!) was exceptional and muchly appreciated. One look into my puppy's eyes that first day, and I knew everything was 'right.'

Uhhhh, Sandor, have you SEEN this puppy? She HAS to be the most magnificent animal I have ever laid eyes on. And as busy as you are, please find a minute to contact her breeders and tell them that I will wonder all my life how they EVER parted with her; and tell them never to worry one minute about her, because she will be treated and loved as though she were our child. She is not only beautiful, but she has the disposition of an angel. ALL that long flight, ALL that way from Budapest to Dallas and then four hours by car to San Marcos, and she NEVER whimpered or was restless. She made the trip in great shape; Lufthansa had evidently taken good care of her, for there was water and moistened food in her containers. On the way home, she played and she ate and she drank bottled water, and she slept! Course I was rubbing her tummy most of the time; maybe she was hypnotized. When we got home, I gave her a bath and then Bella and I, my husband and our four other bulldogs, went to bed for our first night together.

I have named "Be My Girl," 'Bella.' Be My Girl was a little long, and I KNOW she didn't know those three words in English! Bless her little heart: she looked at me as though to say, "What ARE you saying??" I found a list of Hungarian names on the internet and from all those I chose Bella: it seems to fit her well. Her owners must have really taken great care of her! She is in the BEST shape she could possibly be. She is beyond any description I could give you of her; and oh how I see why her owner wanted to increase her price . . . I would have, too! etween you and me, Sandor, I got a 'steal'; and now that I see her, I actually feel a little bad about it. I cannot wait to show her to my breeder friend; she didn't want me to get her (I'm sure you hear that all the time, from 'disbelievers' . . . ); she has an Italian import that she paid $8,000 for, and Bella is every bit as magnificent. Right now this little girl is playing with a couple of toys here under my feet; she is wagging her tail and wanting me to play . . . and you KNOW I will! It will mean so much to me if you can tell her former owners how much I love her already, and if I need to rock her all night until she gets used to 'everything new,' then rock her I will. And thank them for me for raising such a beautiful girl; I have the greatest admiration for them. I would really like to send a picture of her in about six months, if I could; could you pass it on to them? I want them to see 'where' she lives and plays, and I want them to KNOW that she is fine. Were I they, I would be crying my eyes out about now.

I took Bella to my veterinarian the day after she came into our home. After a thorough examination, Dr. House said that Bella was a perfect little dog; and rather than quarantine Bella, it might be better for me to quarantine my dogs so they would not make HER sick! Yes, I think it was mainly a joke, but . . . those words were strong validation of Bella's health. She NEVER had the slightest problem changing food or water; NEVER any digestion or elimination problems. She is full of energy and the very picture one would expect of a playful puppy. I would never tire of watching her dart in and out the 'doggy door' as she plays both outdoors and inside.

And, Sandor, that leaves . . . you. What a great job you have: you have a business that provides you a comfortable living (YES, you DO have to put up with people like me, and countless e-mails), but to have a business and KNOW that you provide so much pleasure for people has to be rewarding. I THANK YOU for making it possible for me to have this wonderful little creature; I will never forget your kindness.

My gratitude forever,

Shella Baccus


we picked up "Maximillion" (Maxie) from the Dammam Customs last Wed night. He was doing fine but started to whine a bit when he saw me. Michelle was so ecstatic when I finally came out with the kennel cab and she literally screamed in delight when she saw Maxie! He is such a fine puppy! I want to extend our appreciation for all you've done to ensure that we get him without any hassles.

Hi Sandor,

I wanted to share some new pictures of Dollie with you and the breeder. These were taken within the last week.
She is such a doll! Very sweet and so willing to please! We are still in the ear wrapping process, but it shouldn't take much longer. When it's complete, I'll send more pictures!

Thanks again so much for all your efforts in getting Dollie home to us here in the U.S.! We adore her!




Sorry it's taken me so long to write and tell you how Nacho is doing. He's doing fantastic!!! Sadly I'm deployed again, but my parents are taking great care of him.
I attached a few pictures of him at his birthday party my parents threw for him and my parent's dog, Einstein. I've also attached another picture of him at my parent's house. Hope you're doing well.

Take care,


Hello Sandor,

Here are three males I bought from you all almost 1 year old. One is almost finished his AKC Championship.



Attached is a picture of Zeuss (aka Berri) with his new family. Please pass along to the owner(s) and let them know he will have a wonderful, loving home. He is doing really well & we think it is a great match. Everyone is thrilled, and we think he is too.

Thanks for getting him here & your customer service. We enjoyed working with you.

All the best!

The Alessandro's
Middletown, Ohio

Steve & Heather Alessando