Euro Puppy's References

Feel free to browse the many hundreds of testimonials we have received from happy dog owners all over the world. This, of course, would not have been possible without the awesome breeders we work with. The letters below reflect all the love and care they put into breeding and raising their puppies. The service we provide is the cherry on the cake.

Hi Steve,

We must apologise for not sending this email sooner, I have been out of the country and Sam has had her hands full with the new child!

We wanted to thank you for the professional service that Europuppy gave us and moreover what a special puppy you delivered.

We are over the moon with Apache and spoil him every day (we can't help it) :)

If ever you require a reference for your services we'd be happy to oblige.

Keep well!

Best Regards.

Tyrone, Sam and Apache

Dear Steven,

Just wanted to share the pics of me n chloe she arrived safely and is beautiful.

Thank you so much for making her part of my life.



Hi guys,

Sending you some of the first few pics of emmanuel with family,

Tthank you once again for making it possible



Hello Eddie,

Just want to forward some photos of Sniper; please forward them to the breeder.

Sniper is a wonderful dog, he has a good heart and is very intelligent. He weights 120 lbs. & is 24 inches at the withers; although he's a big dog, he's graceful and thinks he's a puppy.

He is a wonderful companion.

Rebecca Christensen

Hans Christensen

Hi Eddie!!!

I am so thankful for Euro Puppy.

We renamed Diesel and his name is now Bison. He is an amazing young dog and really gets along well with others.

This is Bison and his friend Rocco an Alaskan Husky. They are great friends Bison is really happy!!!

I really hope to get Bison a friend when Euro Puppy has Red Siberian Husky puppies!

I will send another picture as he gets bigger.

Thanks for everything!


Brittany Williams

Dear Steve and Eddie,

Just letting you know that everything went well with the puppy. He arrived as planned.

I took him to the vet and he confirmed that he looked quite healthy. So everything is ok.

Attached are some photos of Dante. Thank you again for all your profesional help.


Iacovos Panteli

Hi Steve,

Many thanks fore the cat advice and all the hard work you did to help me Steve and just to let u know, we're have a professional dog trainer coming this weekend to give us 101 dog class/ tips &advice on how to deal with cognac, who we now named as "Tyson" btw.

Tyson is so funny, fun, hyper and adorable :) we seriously cant get enough of his cuteness !!! lol :D and in the attached are some pics we took  the very first day Tyson arrived to his new home... he LOVES his new place & loves Every1 here :)

Rest regards,

Mossab Al-Hamli

Mossab Al-Hamli

Dear Steve and Eddie,

Thank you so much in helping add our new addition! She has fit in perfectly, the boys have renamed her Gertrude (Gertie).

She check out perfect at the vet check today. The vet said we have nothing to worry about she is a very healthly pup!

Thank you all so much, she has only been here for 9 hours but we have already fallen in love with this wrinklie baby!!

The Keith family!

Loretta Keith

Good morning Steve.

Just to let you know Jack arrived safely and he's running around being crazy.

He already has his new collar on. And he's happy with our other 2 dogs.

I will up date you on his progress.



Hi Steve,

I hope you are well. We took Caesar to the vet on 7th Jan and he got a full bill of health.

He is the sweetest puppy ever (im sure everyone says that, but in my case it's true)! Everyone who has come into contact with him just says how delightful his temperament is! He is at doggy daycare for the first time today as we did not want to leave him home alone when we are at work and I've just called to check how he's doing to be told he's happily playing with the other puppies.