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Due to the high number of internet scams, we dedicated this page to inform and comfort our customers that Euro Puppy's website is free of scams and fraud! We fight all scams hurting honest breeders' credibility and our visitors' security. Euro Puppy and our fellow breeders work very hard to establish value and a high standard in breeding quality dogs.

Euro Puppy has taken the necessary steps to protect its customers. Euro Puppy does not allow anyone to post ads on our website. We handle it all:

  • All pictures are taken and posted by us; hence, fraud is impossible to find on
  • Each posted photo is watermaked with the Euro Puppy logo to discourage scammers from stealing it.
  • Each inquiry is answered by a Euro Puppy representative with a email address.
  • Phone: 617-997-0884
    Mobile: +36 70-257-5145
    Fax: 206-333-1805

    Phone numbers are available if you would like to speak with us personally.
  • Euro Puppy provides pedigree information on request only.
  • Payment is made by bank wire to Euro Puppy's account.

Latest scams reported to us:

There are fraudsters who are advertising Dogue De Bordeaux puppies in South Africa under the name/s of Lewin Webb and Sylvester Nathaniel. They pose as Europeans, but they are actually Nigerians who firstly send nice pictures of the puppies, thereafter they give other names for the purpose of the sale, e.g Eckard Schmidt, wherafter they then give the African names and bank accounts( Bank.....Nedbank Here is two examples: "From: Lewin Webb [] Sent: 10 October 2011 02:10 PM To: John Andrews (JP) Subject: French mastiff puppies for sale Hello, Thanks for the interest your have in the babies.They are 9 weeks old now and the information below should help you out: Reneé is strong little dog with short muzzle and strong bones...."  A final review from Mr Eckard. "I will not do business under the lack of trust.He's got my passport copy and other documents.What more does he want?Can he understand i am very busy and will not attend to him at this point in time?If really he is interested in Cognac,then he must pay R 1700,which is half of the money and when the puppy is delivered at his home and he is satisfied,he can then transfer the rest.i have other buyers and can proceed with them>Reason we insisted on him,is because he proved serious.but now he seems to lack trust in my credentials and documents" That is from Mr Eckard and so if you will want the puppy,then pay R 1700 now so we can catch up with the next available flight to your location. Regards)" From: Sylvester Nathaniel [] Sent: 13 October 2011 10:14 AM To: John Andrews (JP) Subject: RE: Dogue De Bordeaux Hello John, Thanks for the prompt and quick responds. I am not registered yet with KUSA. I was based in France, and i just returned a couple of months back. But i was registered with the French kennel Union. So how soon do you want the puppy? and where are you located? Regards Account Names...........M.Mamphaga Account Number..........1014100976 Branch Code.............195005 Amount..................R 3400 Reference...............Cognac Below is my banking details for you to make the deposit. BANK NAME..............FNB ACCOUNT NAME..........MELUSI T. S. ACCOUNT NUMBER.......62330655351 BRANCH CODE...........250655

Hi I think this dog is being used in a scam. they were giveing it away for free. the address they gave me is 62 Victoria street Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 Scotland this is a Drug and alcohol information center. all I had to do is to pay for shipping about £200 pound. there E- Mail and name they used is they sent me picture of the same dog you have on your site. I can send you the E- Mails they sent me if you like. my name is David Hendrick I live in Ireland My E-Mail is O by the I did not send them anything. Regards David Hendrick

The latest with the "Missionary scam" from one of our visitors:

The latest scam, unfortunately it has been around for some time and these person seems to get away with it. I hope people who are in contact with them will read this before they send money out. Be aware and do not send money to Nora Nagy, Anita Revesz, Anita Szitas and her husband Jozsef. These names refer to the very same person our couple and are scammers! "So far she has ripped off around $90,000 from people on just french bulldogs. that does not include the german sheperd people all over the world. that amout is around $50,000 i know of. i have all her e-mails and the payments made by wire and by paypal. my friend patty got taken for 14,000 and my friend misty for $ $4500.00. my friend shelley is the one who wants the little boy nora bought from the breeder. this was a birthday present for her little boy who is 4. yes she is interested in him. thanks for answering, i wish something could be done about nora nagy. kindest regards, Annette"
"this is pattie one of annettes friends that anita has money from . first please let me tell you that i have sent her 1400.00 .8000.00 for two choc puppies that i recieved . the tests shows they are not chcoclates but i recieved two puppies from her and they were healthy... i also sent her 6000.00 for a choc female that had problems and wasnt sent i was sapose to be compensated four puppies that i havent recieved yet . i sent the money in aug -sept ...07 anita says she will send puppies this week 2-26-08 we will see.i wanted you to have the rigt story on my situation. please also post this under annettes i only what the true story outthere"

"Hello, We have been communicating with a gentleman stating from the Cleveland Oh area that had on that had american bulldog puppies for sale, he emailed us back and said we just sold our last one but your in luck because a missionary in south africa is wanting to adopt his puppy out for $350.00 to ship back to the USA, he then gave me Rev Woodards email and ive been in contact with him, well anyways, im asking several questions and hes just advising me to ship the money to him via western union and he would assure me i would have his baby MATH the same day delivered to me, i then told him that i was afraid to bc of the international scamming of the puppies. I have all emails saved so if you need them forwarded i will do that, i have contacted the Cleveland plain dealers classified deptartment and talked to the supervisor there. Im glad I didnt fall for this scam Thanks, Shannon Tesso"

Here is another scam email we received from our visitor:

"You're lucky to have mailed at this time because the puppy has just been placed on adoption by one of my customers, who went on a Missionary transfer with the West African Missionaries, West Africa ,He is giving
the pup up for adoption for $400 because he cant take good care of the pup due to his busy and tight schedule at church and at his missionary work. All he wants is someone that's homely and with a good christian
home to adopt this young and lovely human best friend." he will give the Puppy to you if you promise to take good care of the puppy. Kindly Provide the Reverend with your full shipping information,such as your
full name,full address,contact phone number including your nearest airport .He needs a Good christian and caring home for his puppy becuase he really wants the puppy to go to a good home. If you are willing to
take the puppy contact Rev at"

We would like to highlight the following letter we received from a dear visitor telling us a heart-breaking story.
"Dear Sandor,

Thanks again for your interest in my story.

I responded to an ad in the Detroit Newspaper for pug puppies with an e-mail. A mailer with a woman's name e-mailed me referring me to a Rev. David Erber PhD. who was educated in Michigan, U.S. and is now doing missionary work in Lagos, Nigeria. I corroborated this info with the web. You can see that this man, Erber, is in fact a U.S. educated minister who is now in Nigeria. I used Google and Yahoo to look into this.

I spoke with this man through email on the phone. He was well-spoken and convincing. I sent him money via western union. He was very cunning as to pretend this was the first time he had done this and that his parishoner informed him of the possibility of using western union means of wiring money. He claimed to be very sad and anxious regarding his "babies." He repeatedly cited scripture and told me that he was a man of God. He also told me that he was well aware of the incredible leap of faith that I was taking. He said, "God will reward those who care most about his servants." Since I have realized that this was a scam, he has been sending me taunting emails. First he devastates my family and now he is taunting me. I have come to learn that many Nigerians, even those not involved in scams, hate Americans with no true understanding of why.

These men have devastated my family. I have contacted the secret service, the U.S. embassy in Nigeria, The FBI in Nigeria, The Lutheran Missionary of Nigeria, The Detroit News, the and I am seeking a private investigator. I will fly out there if neccessary. I am well aware of the conditions in Nigerian Prisons, but it would be worth dying for to impose justice in this situation.

Ken Murphy

Here is another kind letter from one of our dear readers:
"Hi there I just read the latest scam you have posted from Ken Murphy. I believe I have been communicating with the same person about adopting a bulldog. The person I contacted from refered me to a "pastor" who already adopted the bulldog but had to go to South Africa to Minister and could not keep the dog there in those weather conditions.. he also had 1 other Bulldog and 2 yorkies... he kept calling them the babies. He was very to ask for my shipping information and kept asking for my information in every email he sent, I finally told him I was getting cold feet about wiring the money due to the high volume of internet scams... this was before I read the note on your website, now that I told said that I am scared he will taunt me the same way he has Ken... could you please give Ken my email address, I would like to talk to him."

We just love to read letters like the one below. We are happy that our Scam Alert page saves people from being scammed!
"I too was just almost scam by a man that says he was in Africa on a missonary work. The web site was no other than I had seen a bulldog puppy for $400 and i thought i would see about getting him. Well needless to say they emailed me back and said that the man that bought the " Babies" live in Newyork but was being transfered to Africa. Well i emailed the guy and he said he was already in africa. But shipping was gonna be $800 and the puppy was free. But not just one puppy 2 puppies that he was giving me..because Im such a godly person. I am but I aint a stupid one...ha ha I told him that i didnt have $800 and the price went down from there 800 to 600 then down to $400.00 and he would pay the rest...yeah right. But needles to say he emailed me with payment instuctions to none other than NIGERIA! So I excaped this time thanks to your website. May all these scamers get what is coming to them, Thanks again, Kendra"

More scams below that you should be aware of:

  • Here is another letter we received on December 11th:"I wanted to warn others about the site of The owner "Barrick" is a scam artist. He says he is from Miami, Florida. He claims to have a wife named Margarita Sasse. He guaranteed and gave me every reassurance and promise of sending me the puppy I had put $200 down on for shipping. This was a gift for my husband who will be deploying soon. Barrick sent me their flight information, arrival times, I spoke to him personally on the phone, spent 3 days working out every detail..... everything. I checked the information and sent him the money. The flight had no dog on it. I contacted him and he said he needed more money to pay for the health papers. I refused and demanded a refund. He agreed and promised to send the money back. Well, needless to say, I never saw it. He now will not reply at all. I have turned him to the FBI, called the police and done all I know to do at this point. I just want others to know that that site is a complete fraud and horrible scam. Sincerely, T. Westbrook" The same people run this site as well:
  • Here is another scam website. Funny that these scam artists now build low class website to look credible. They are not really creative since they are using our text most of the time. Be very careful. The website is .
  • We have just discovered a website that we believe is run by a group of scammers out of California. They accept only money gram and Western Union payments. Please be very careful. My advise would be not to send money to them. The website is
  • has an english bulldog for $500 that needs to be adopted. The pic of the puppy that is on the ad is identical to another ad listed from a breeder in California so I believe the pic is stolen and I inquired about picking the puppy up in person and she said she will only ship which is a dead giveaway that it is a scam.
  • We were recently notified that a dingy website ( has stolen some of our references to mislead people. Please stay away from It is also very strange that the person discloses her email addresss (, phone number and address but does not mention her name. We strongly believe that it is a scam.
  • Allison from Ohio has reported the following scam. It is shocking to see how far crooks are willing to go to rip good people off: I recently came into contact with a woman from a classified website She said she works for UNICEF and that she got sent to Africa for work. Once arrival there she said there is a blanket ban on animals as pets. Once she mentioned UNICEF I thought "oh she must be a good person", she made me promise to send pics of the puppy to ensure that it is in a good home, and so on. Once she got 1/2 my deposit, she said she spent the whole day at the airport where the US was requesting additional vacinations. Could I please send the remaining balance to ensure the safe arrival of my puppy! So with hesitation I sent the remaining balance assuming that she was getting the pup vacinated and shipped (as she said she had already purchased flight costs with 1st payment).
    Then I didn't hear a word. A day 1/2 later, after I emailed 3 times, she says she contacted the shipping company in which she shipped "crowny". They told her that Crowny was being held in the UK for "anti-terriorst purposes" and it would take a day to take care of paper work and cost 300 British pounds. This is insane. I work hard for my money & $500.00 isn't exactly spare change. I got everything prepared for my puppy at home & was very very excited apon her arrival. I wouldn't have even sent the $$$ except she seemed very sincere! I feel like such an idiot!
  • Unfortunately, Allison didn't know that Western Union should never be used to pay for a puppy, especially not to Nigeria. She used the following information to send the payment:
    Receivers Name: Kenny Chad
    Receivers Address: 22, Obed Igwe Avenue
    Receivers City: Agboroko
    Receivers state: Lagos
    Receivers Country: Nigeria
  • Julie Greenspun, calling herself Julie Greenspurn, may be working under the name Paul Smith, she is running scams on puppyfind under that name now! Still asking money to be sent to Miami, Fl 33169
  • Another victim wrote us a letter warning visitors about a scam artist: Julie Greenspun advertises on Puppyfind uses a yahoo email address []. She is from Nigeria but Amanda (the victim) sent the money to Miami, Florida.
    Message from Amanda, the victim: "I just want to let everyone know that Julie Greenspun is trying to sell Dalmatian puppies on and is using the name henry usen yahoo id is henron4u. She got me out of money and I want to try to stop her form doing it again. I will never see my money or ever see the puppy I purchased. I did do a yahoo check on henron4u and he is located in Nigeria according to his profile. But the money was picked up in Miami, Fl 33169 by no other than Julie Greenspun. After I got suspicious I did a check on her name and read her name on as being a scam artist. I was tooo late."
  • Message from Andrea: Just wanted to say thank-you. I almost sent money to a so called breeder in Miami that i found off of I thought it was a little suspicious with no pictures and they wanted money right away and hadnt even seen the puppies yet. I went to google and typed in puppy scams and found your website and the first scam listed was If you want to warn others her name is Rene Smithson she wanted me to western union money to Keith Smith at 767 Sample Rd Coral Springs FL. I searched that address and it wasnt known. Here is her email address:
  • Be aware if you receive a similar email. This is a scam. : I received this email with a link to your Web site. I don't hink this perosn is a part of your group. Thanks Puppy Bonanza Hello, I am Barrister Howard Clay, I represent a company that sells puppy here in the London United Kingdom. We have all breeds of puppy like yorkies,bulldogs,papplion ,maltese can check out your choice on We are giving away christmas and new yaer bonus with worldwide shipping. We sell a puppy for 300$ and 3 puppies for 700$ including shipping from airport to airport. Doorstep shipping acttract an addition of 100$. these Puppies are very friendly and deserves lots of loving and attention.the Puppies are 3 to 10 weeks old and are weighing 3lb .the Puppies are vet checked and are uptodate on all shots and are current on vaccination. shipping includes the Puppies certified health certificate,worming record,vaccination record and a starter kit for the Puppies and also the Puppies toys. If you need a puppy, Email us as soon as possible. Thanks Hc
  • Please be aware of the following scam artist: Mark Bills , 1122 WE, Billings Alaska, MarkBills Bulldogs, Jennifer was used as a referance & Julie Greenspun of Miami, FL 33619 was a partner.
  • Here is another scam that you should be aware of. This note was sent to Euro Puppy. These scam artists are very creative. Now they are using europuppy in their email address (it is still a address though! Be aware!: An ad to buy a french bull dog from one Roy David in Jackson, MS for 450.00 he wants me to send money to a Mr. Cliborn Jackson, Los Angles, California 90008 and his e- mail is
  • Another scam artists on puppyfind is advertising English and French bulldog puppies. His e-mail address is He claims to be the breeder of these puppies out of Minnesota.
  • It seems like the list with the scams on will never end. Here is a new one: Linda Smith from Woodbridge, VA, United States.
  • Another person from please be aware of Mr Tatah from Buea, Cameroon. Actually, be aware of anybody who advertises from Cameroon on
  • A woman under the name of Terry Wortler from San Diego, CA, United States was using our pictures and text on to cheat money out. She advertises our Havanese, Bolognese and Yorkie puppies below our posted price. Be careful, she is a crook.
  • A man under the name of Chad from Netherlands, AL, United States was using our pictures and text on several sites, including to cheat money out. He claims that the he is "an affiliated member of PuppyEscrow" and he works "in army and i have a voucher to ship free with American Airlines". Be careful, he is a crook.
  • Another scam was reported by a visitor (Angela) and the same complaint is mentioned on many websites and forums: "Warning! Beware of Keaton's Kennel. They are or were only importing dogs from Russia that they said were bred by her cousin. Many dogs were sick, dying or dead. They did not refund money or replace the puppies that died."
  • The first known case we have heard of was under investigation by NYPD. The scammer's name is Manual Cruz or Victor Chemerisov from New York. This person has used our pictures in his postings on other websites. He claimed that the puppies were from his kennel.

You may also file a complaint at the Internet Fraud Website - you have been contacted from anyone conducting a scam or if you are a victim of a scam.

Protect Yourself: A reputable seller should have a website and a successful track record of at least 3 years in business. If the person you plan to purchase a puppy from doesn't have a website and uses a yahoo or hotmail email address please be very careful and research him/her on Google. If you cannot find anything about them do NOT send money. Please remember that most scam artists are accepting payments via Western Union. Responsible breeders and reputable companies should be able to accept bank wire. A valid business must have a bank account.

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