Jagd Terrier breed information, pictures and more...

German Hunt Terrier, German Jagdterrier, Deutscher Jagdterrier

Deutschland, 20. Jahrhundert

FCI Group III.: Terriers
Dogs 13-16 inches (33-41 cm)
Bitches 11-14 inches (28-36 cm)
Dogs 20-22 pounds (9-10 kg)
Bitches 18-20 pounds (8-9 kg)
10-12 years
3 to 8
Very high

This black and tan working dog is descended from English Terriers and was first bred in Gemany in the IXth century. Jagd Terriers look like typical hunt dogs, with a square, muscular body. They are primarily used for hunting foxes, but this courageous breed can hunt even much bigger animals than itself, as it is considered to be a quite small-sized one.

As all hunting dogs, they prefer to be outside, but they can adapt to city life if necessary. This highly intelligent breed is a very loyal type, it is always ready to obey the commands of the owner.


Mostly black with tan markings. Liver, tan, brown, red, or mouse gray. White on the toes and chest is permissible.


Harsh or smooth. The important factor for coats of working terriers being that the coat must be thick and ample for turning briars and fangs.

Health Issues:

Generally it is a healthy breed. However, to make sure that you get a healthy puppy, you should buy a Jagd Terrier from a reputable breeder.

Buying a Jagd Terrier:
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