Scottish Deerhound breed information, pictures and more...



AKC Hound Dogs, FCI Group X.: Sighthounds, TKC Hound
Dogs 28-26 inches (71-66 cm)
Bitches 30 inches (76 cm)
Dogs 80-110 pounds (36-50 kg)
Bitches 75-90 pounds (34-41 kg)
8-11 years
8 to 9

The Scottish Deerhound has grace, dignity and beauty. It is an ideal companion, being tractable and easy to train and possessing the most dependable loyalty and utmost devotion to their masters. Scottish Deerhounds are a mellow, low-key and easy going breed who loves outdoors and will chase anything that moves.


Dark blue gray and lighter grays; brindles and yellow; sandy red or red fawn with black points.


The harsh, wiry coat  needs extensive grooming. Some trimming and stripping is required, but little skill is needed. This breed is an average shedder.

Health Issues:

Prone to bloat. It is wise to feed them 2 or 3 small meals a day rather then one big one. Avoid vigorous exercise right after the dog has eaten a big meal. To minimize the risk of your Deerhound developing any hereditary health issues, you should buy a Scottish Deerhound dog from a reputable breeder.

Buying a Scottish Deerhound:
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