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Gender: female Champion bloodline:
Age: 1 years Champion Sire/Dam:
She is no longer available. A new litter is coming in soon!

Sorry, currently there are no available Landseer puppies for sale.

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The Landseer is a courageous, generous, and intelligent dog. This breed is very devoted, dignified and peaceful. It is also a patient dog, mild with guests, and obsequious with its master. The Landseer is gentle, loyal, calm, noble and trustworthy with a sweet temperament.

They can become very attached to their owners. They are intelligent, protective, but tend to place themselves between the intruder and the family rather than bark or growl. They get along well with any dog, other animal, child, or visitor. The Landseer is patient, playful, and loving with children, a born babysitter. They enjoy the outdoors, but also require companionship.

The Landseer drinks a lot of water and may be messy about it, as he loves to get wet and love to swim. Training must be conducted in a calm and balanced manner. These dogs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice. They will always try to join in the fun as they are very sociable.

The Landseer might just be the one for you if you are looking for a loyal friend, who you can trust with your children and one who can make you feel safe and happy at the same time.