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Gender: female Champion bloodline:
Age: 11 weeks Champion Sire/Dam:
Breeder's Note: most attentive
She is reserved for Bentley. Thank you!

The few owners who employ and favor the Mudi find it incomparable. It has served as a flock guardian, sheep herder, cow herder, guard dog, hunter of wild animals, killer of mice and weasels and as a companion. This breed is highly intelligent, it can learn as quickly as a Border Collie or even faster.

This dog is extremely powerful and courageous, is afraid of nothing, not even wild boar, which it can overpower quickly. It makes a good watchdog and guard dog; it will defend both property and person. It is very loving and gentle in the family and makes an excellent companion dog. It doesn’t trust strangers, but will do okay with children if it is raised with them from puppyhood.

The Mudi is friendly with other dogs and will do okay with non-canine pets if they are raised together from puppyhood or properly introduced as a new pet in the home. It is a friendly, obedient and playful dog. The Mudi likes to feel independent and is capable of handling its own flock without the assistance of a third paw. In Finland it is used as mountain-rescue dogs.

This is a very active breed, it needs a lot of running and other exercises to be in a good condition. It loves to play and will excel in all kinds of sports such as fly ball and Frisbee. Consider getting a Mudi if you have the time and energy it takes to utilize its skills and keep it active all the time.

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