Factors to consider when picking your perfect puppy

Making decisions that effect our lives for 10-15 years to come is never easy, but if  you read Factors to consider when picking your perfect puppy you’ll know what to watch out for. This FREE ebook points out the most essential factors you must think about before buying a puppy:

  • Do I want a male or a female dog?
  • Should I seek a dominant or a submissive, a quiet or loud dog?
  • How do I tell if a breeder is responsible?
  • What is the difference between family and one owner type of dogs?
  • How should I prepare my home for the puppy’s arrival?
  • When should I take my puppy to the vet?
  • How do I protect my puppy form infections?

By reading this FREE ebook you’ll be able to answer these essential questions, which will bring you closer to making the right decisions and  will make you a lot more confident in what you are doing. This ebook has been written in an easy to understand and concise style so as to give you the most essentials as quickly as possible.

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