“My child wants a dog! What do I do now?”

If you had a dog in your childhood, you know exactly what a great gift it is for a child to grow up with furry friend in the family. Dogs teach children responsibility, respect and sensitivity and help them develop their personality and a balanced emotional life.  

At the same time, if you don't follow some simple rules, you may put your children at risk by getting a dog.

By selecting an unsuitable breed, adopting a sick puppy or failing to train your dog right, you put your family at risk of being bitten or loosing your puppy after a few months.  

It is not difficult to avoid such mistakes, you just need to keep a few simple things in mind before you adopt your puppy.

Some of the questions you'll have to think about:

My First Best Friend
  • What breed should I chose?
  • Is it going to be safe with my children?
  • Where can I buy it?
  • How do I tell if a breeder is responsible?
  • What needs to be changed in my house?  
  • What do I feed my puppy?
  • How do I train it?
  • How do I make sure my children are in control?

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My first best friend has been written to answer these questions. Questions that you and many other parents face at this very moment. 

“I can find the answers to these questions myself on the internet...” 

- you might be tempted to think.

Well, not quite. You might spend long hours searching for answers on the internet just to find yourself more confused than before.

The information in My first best friend has been collected by the team of Euro Puppy, the world’s largest puppy finder company with happy customers from all 5 continents and over 80 countries.

Euro Puppy have been helping families to find their dream puppies since 2001. Over the many years of locating puppies that match the lifestyle and needs of a family perfectly, the team have acquired a special expertise that very few people have. My First Best Friend is based on this special expertise and insights of the Euro Puppy team.

“How can I be a responsible parent?”

As a good parent you want to give your child everything they desire and you probably know the enormous benefits your child can get out of having a dog, such as learning responsibility, learning to take care of a living creature on a regular basis and having a great friend to turn to at times of stress or difficulties at school, just to name a few.

But as a responsible parent, you also know that you can’t just give your kids anything they wish for, especially if it is a dog. Getting a puppy is a serious and long term commitment, probably more so than buying a car or a house. You can always sell a car if you don’t like it or get bored bored with it. The same goes for a house, even though that’s a bit more tricky these days....


But a dog is a completely different case. You can’t just get rid of your dog. Once you buy a dog, someone will have to take care of it as long as it lives, which can be anything from 10 to 15 years. Some breeds live even longer. On top of that, even though you bought the dog for your children, more often than not, it will have to be you, who looks after it.

What’s more, if you fail to thoroughly think over your situation, there are some more immediate risks you take. Dogs are not aggressive by definition, but they do show aggressive behaviour in certain situations, mostly when they are scared or when their role in the family is unclear.

My first best friend, using the expert insights of Euro Puppy, will give you a step by step guide on how to avoid your dog being aggressive and how to prevent dog bites in the family with a special focus on children.

Equipped with the advice you get from My first best friend,  you’ll be able to determine whether your child is ready for a dog. If the answer is yes, you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to minimize the risks so that your children can enjoy the amazing benefits of having a dog.

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My First Best Friend


My first best friend covers the following main areas in detail:

  • Is my child ready for a dog?
  • How to choose the right dog for your child
  • Preparing for and dealing with the arrival of your dog
  • How to make sure your puppy doesn’t bite anyone
  • How dogs can help teach your children responsibility
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With our 30 days money back guarantee, you risk nothing. In fact, you risk making a bad decision or a dog bite if you don’t get this ebook. If you are not 100% happy with My first best friend just email us and you’ll get a refund of the full amount you paid, no hard feelings, no questions asked.

My first best friend will help you make decisions that will effect your and your children’s lives for 10 to 15 years. You are not really thinking whether it is worth $9.97, the price of a family size pizza, are you?

My First Best Friend