30daymoneybackguarantee2011 is a year of partying at Euro Puppy and you are invited! We've been celebrating our 10th birthday with different promotions and special offers each month. In February, we launched our 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee, which has been so successful that we decided to extend it for the whole year. In March, we selected a Puppy Of The Day every week day of the month and gave a massive $500 off. We had a fun video contest in April, and we are ready to continue the celebration in May with a special 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  We have asked many of our customers in surveys as well as personally about what was the most important thing for them when buying a puppy. The dog's health always comes in first place. That's why we thought a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee would give our customers an extra peace of mind that everyone seeks when buying a dog. If you've been following Euro Puppy for some time, you probably know that we are dedicated to only offering top quality and healthy puppies for sale. It is very unlikely that a dog you buy at Euro Puppy gets sick, but with the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, we're giving you another good reason to find your dream puppy at Euro Puppy. Don't forget that this is a special promotion for May only!