As a dog gets older it becomes our responsibility to ensure that he or she receives the right amount of exercise, veterinary care and nutrition. Some tips for caring for an older dog: The Right Bedding: An older dog needs a comfortable sleeping-place and bedding. Nowadays there are special beds available for older dogs designed to take the pressure off aching joints. Right Exercise: A good exercise routine can help older dogs deal with possible weight gain and arthritis. Exercise also improves digestion and blood circulation, both of which are affected by old age. This can include a leisurely walk once or twice a day as well as some low-key playing. Although you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, you sure can play with him/her. Show them you have time for them! Not only puppies need love! Just make sure you don’t overdo it as this can cause over exhaustion for an older dog. His mind might be in it, but his body isn’t. Balanced Nutrition: As dogs age, their dietary needs change. You must make sure that you choose the right food that is appropriate for his/ her needs. Food especially made for older dog food will have fewer calories, enough protein, and vitamins and minerals that help your dog’s coat and teeth stay strong and healthy. Weight gain due to slow metabolism is also a common problem at this age. You can choose from a number of foods on the market with low fat and calories. You must always ensure that the dog stays well hydrated as well. Adequate Veterinary Care: At this point in your dog’s life it is important to keep tabs on his health. You must ensure regular check-ups to the vet, so that all the necessary shots are given. Ask your vet to regularly check for Senior Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in your dog, as any age above 8 doggy years, may show signs of this. Symptoms may include:
Symptoms of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
A good book to read, if you have a senior citizen canine:
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Look after your aging dog. Although he may be a little slower than before, he loves you just as much, if not more!