These days, the number of vaccinations given to dogs is enormous. Vaccinations exist for just about every contingency possible. And they're not restricted to one time pokes. Most of these vaccinations are yearly. But it's all worth it right? The Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has come to the conclusion that we might just be overvaccinating our dogs by our persistence in injecting them with 16 different shots a year. Evidence shows that this treatment can lead to a wide variety of side effects including skin rashes, allergies and something called an auto immune disease.
No one is suggesting that we should get rid of vaccines. Rather, the article urges readers to rethink the necessity of vaccinating dogs yearly for non life threatening diseases as most vaccines confer protection of longer periods of time - in many cases upto seven years. So when you take your pooch for his or her next shots, think about what is necessary - and what isn't.