Question: Hello Mario I was wondering: what is the best way to get over the biting of a Bull Terrier? Everyone says they have the same problem. I was hoping you could give me some insight because I know you have dealt with some pretty wild dogs. She is, not to crazy, since she has learned to sit, stay somewhat and she is pretty good about going potty-ing outside. Answer: Tim, The best way to stop that biting is to each time she tries, to hold her mouth shut, shake her head firmly and say the word NO! If she continues, do it again and again until she gets the point. Most of this is play, but you must teach her to stop before it becomes a real nuisance. This behavior is quite typical of all young pups. Let me know if it works. There are other methods. Though this is the one most commonly used. Mario Response: Yes Mario, I agree it is just play but when I hold her muzzle she thinks it's a game. I have tried pinning her down and trying to make her submit but she just doesn't see it like that. The only thing that has been working so far, is the bitter apple spray. Whenever she bites I put some on my finger, let her bite again and then touch her tongue with my finger and say " Don't bite'. She doesn't use her canines really but when you say "no" she growls and gets vicious, while jumping up to bite my face and stuff. I know its not going to stop right away but it needs to soon with all the young children around my house. Response: You can also try timing her out by putting her in a small confined area for thirty minutes. Such as the crate she came in. If she comes out biting, repeat the holding of her mouth shut, the use of the word NO and put her right back in. Mario Euro Puppy
Well Mario, I have put in many many hours on vigorous training with Celine. I was skeptical at first and when I got her I wasn't happy but now everything has paid off. She is doing great in the house and not many accidents have occured. When she did do something wrong it was most likely my fault. She knows her name well, she comes on command, sits on command, shakes hands, is working on laying down and staying. She is tracking very well too. She understands "no". I am going to the vet tomorrow for her next round of vacc. so I will get a clean bill of health then. He said she is the best bull terrier he has ever seen. Other than the worms, she is in top shape and health. He also said he would recommend Euro Puppy to everybody he knows! Sincerely, Tim