Question: I just got the result from the animal hospital. Abby is fine. So, I want you to know that. Also, give me any tips or advice about taking care of this dog. She is a little crazy… she bites everybody… cute… but it hurts so much. So, I'm thinking to send her to a dog training school - something like that. Is a dog training school good? Or is it good to find a private dog trainer?? Vivian Answer: Hi Vivian, First you need to get her well acquainted with you and everyone else that lives in the home. But you cannot allow her to nibble on people or objects who/that can be damaged by her. You do this by holding her by her muzzle and saying NO with a stern voice. If she continues, you must again repeat the procedure and continue to do so until she gets the point. Maybe raise your voice a little each time; but never scream. This may take a little time, but she will learn. After a while she will respond simply to the word no. Never slap or hit her. This will create fear and often animosity. You want your pup to look up to you and love you. Not respond to fear. Treats like rawhide bones or flavored biscuits as rewards when she does the right thing is an excellent way to train her. You have not told me if she is housebroken. Let me know what you are doing for that. The kennel she arrived in would be good for this. Before you hand her over to a trainer, it is of utmost importance that she is well bonded with you first. Even then, unless you want her to become a fully trained dog, it is best that you take up training classes where you actually are with her. These are more economical and in my opinion more effective. When you give your dog over to a trainer for a period of time to then get her back, there is a transition period to deal with. Plus often the dog will not respond the same way to her owner as she would to the trainer. She is a very young and eager to please pup. I am sure you can make her into exactly what you want her to be. Mario Euro Puppy