barkboxThe last thing we expected was to bump into Matt Meeker, one of the brilliant minds behind BarkBox, here in Budapest. Yet, that’s exactly what happened just last Friday. Matt, also cofounder of, came to Budapest to share his experiences as a serial entrepreneur with his European fellows. We joined Matt for a drink with local entrepreneurs and it wasn’t long before we discovered that we share the same passion for dogs. Matt told us about his Great Dane puppy, who looks almost exactly like Theo and how his latest venture, BarkBox is already making big waves, despite having started only a couple of months ago. We thought BarkBox was a genius idea, because not only can you get a box full of fun gifts for your own dog every month in the mail, but you can also give it as a gift! How cool is that! On top of that, they are giving 10% of the value of each box to a local shelter. We were fascinated by Matt’s story of BarkBox and in return Matt was amazed to learn how Euro Puppy has shipped puppies to over 90 countries in all parts of the world. He was especially keen on our iPhone app, because he loved how it barks when a new puppy of your desired breed becomes available :) We look forward to seeing Matt around next time and wish the whole BarkBox team best of luck. May you make a lot of dogs happy!